March 11, 2020  – A Message from Career Mastered | Linwick & Associates, LLC:

Career Mastered/Linwick & Associates, LLC is monitoring the updates of the rapidly and daily spread of Coronavirus (COVID-19). As such, we made the difficult decision to cancel the March 18-20 Career Mastered National Women’s Summit & Awards, given the evolving nature of the virus.  Recently, some Governors have declared the State of Emergency.  Along with the State of Emergencies, travel restrictions imposed by companies attending the Summit, and the desire to keep health as a top priority, we have found it impracticable to hold the event. As such, we have canceled the March 18-20 Summit & Awards in Hilton Head.

The purpose of our event was to celebrate women leaders from across the nation, provide scholarships to girls and to advance women’s leadership through development seminars and workshops. That purpose hasn’t changed. We will review other options for implementation at a later date, that may not be dependent on being physically present.  As this event is one of our principal means of raising funds for our scholarships, including our silent auction, golf tournament, and charity awards, we are grateful for you, your passion and your donations. We will continue to work hard to bring you the unique events you love. Though it’s true that our March 2020 event will no longer take place in the way that we intended, we continue to strive toward our purpose – advancing women’s leadership and paving the way for the next generation of girls

We appreciate the confidence you all have shown in our efforts, and we look forward to serving you in the near future.

Wishing everyone good health.

Dr Lisa Wicker
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