Creating Financial Wealth Today!

It seems like just yesterday…but 1987 was the worst year of my life. I was 11 years old, my parents were getting a divorce, our newly divided family was struggling for money, and I was not handling it well, at all. Despite my mother’s strength, wisdom, independence, and education – including a Master’s degree in … Read more

Career Check-In: What’s My Dream Job?

The Image of one’s dream is shaped and reshaped by life experiences. As children, we imagine being anything from scientists, teachers, and lawyers to professional athletes. In high school, we fine tune the dream to guide our choice of secondary education. We hope our dream is airtight when interviewing for that first job post-graduate degree. … Read more

3 Steps To Convert Career Burnout To Burnout Recovery

By: Briar Dougherty With the Great Resignation creating new outcomes for thousands of Americans, the question remains, what about those professionals unable to leave their jobs or change direction in their careers? What happens when leaving your current employer is a desire, but the steps to finding what comes next create an emotional vortex that … Read more

Winter Break Checklist for Career-Minded women

Building upon the Career Mastered 2022 theme, “Engage,” let’s exercise our minds, maximize our time, and resist the urge to hibernate this season. To keep you extra sharp throughout the winter months, we have created this easy-to-commit-to checklist. Activating each item can boost your opportunities to advance your career. ESTABLISH A PERSONAL BOARD OF ADVISORS … Read more

Intentions For The New Year: Mastering Better Outcomes

Living authentically is a term you see everywhere; it’s a popular buzzword statement these days. However, more than ever, women in all walks of life are embracing their true, authentic selves. Women, particularly in leadership, have to overcome obstacles daily to prove their worth. Thanks to authentic women like ZsaZa Hubbard, media personality, international keynote … Read more

25 Ways To Travel Like A Boss

After nearly 18 long months, it seems as though Summer 2021 might be a return to a new type of normal for the world. Most countries have gotten a hold of COVID-19 (thoughts and prayers for India and Brazil) and there are three vaccines for people to chose from. The Centers for Disease Control and … Read more

How To Be A Great Mentee : Your Role In Keeping The Mentor-Mentee Relationship Positive And Rewarding

BY: Eugenia M. Orr, Ed.D. “A mentor is someone who allows you to see the hope inside yourself.” Oprah Winfrey Navigating your professional pursuits can be an easier journey with the help of a mentor – someone you admire who as Oprah Winfrey says helps you see the hope you have inside. Your mentor will … Read more