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I am Resilient: Celebrating 10 Years!

In 1987, Congress declared the entire month of March as National Women’s History Month. Along with this declaration, Congress passed additional propositions. between 1988 and 1994, which stated that a special Presidential Proclamation should be issued yearly, announcing that the month remains dedicated to women.  The Career Mastered Women’s History National Class of 2024 Leadership […]

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A Royal Salute: Letter From The Publisher

BY: DR.LISA WICKER Coming off of a year of uncertainty, loss, and challenges, we’ve all had to adjust some of our family traditions for holidays, birthdays, weddings, and more. I am persuaded that celebrating the holidays without my mother will never feel normal. To be honest, this entire year has not felt normal, due to

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Shattering Limits!

BY: TISHA L HAMMOND Dr.Lisa J. Lindsay Wicker has been carrying a weight since 2011. Seeing women race to the top of a career ladder, successfully doing more work with smaller teams, working long hours with no obvious comparator in view, and still not being handed the keys to the C-suite all wore heavy on

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Game Changer Girls Are Virtually Everywhere

BY: TISHA L HAMMOND When you calculate the immediate increase in social capital, and access to new business and professional opportunities in women-led circles, you, my dear, have influenced your own personal economy. Gaining an entourage to elevate the conversation around women, to celebrate wins, to express ideas, and to encourage collaboration and kudos is

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Dr Lisa Wicker Feature

BY: Tisha Hammond Dr. Lisa Wicker is to career development what the Fairy Godmother is to Cinderella. She is the supporting cast member who embodies hope, access, wisdom, and encouragement for you to participate in your own success. With her exposure to leaders within business communities across Corporate America and far beyond our borders, she has

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Dancing & Authenticity

Career Mastered talks Dancing & Authenticity with its Founder/Publisher Dr. Lisa Lindsay Wicker BY: Tiffany Courtney Photography by Cherie Jzer Google Dr. Lisa Lindsay Wicker. The page will unfurl in a flurry of terms and titles that read like SEO career gold: award-winning author, internationally recognized thought leader, career strategist, founder and entrepreneur. The words

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Power Play: Re-Recruit Yourself

with Lisa J. Wicker, PhD By choice, each of us joined the work organization we’re in today, whether it is a multi-national corporation a successful small business, or an entrepreneurial venture we’ve built on our own. Today, just as when we made that initial choice, we are faced with strategic choices. If the position you

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