Mama Got Rhythm Daddy Got Rhyme

BY: Karissa StiltnerMama Got Rhythm, Daddy Got Rhyme by Robin M. Wilson presents an education of classical jazz music in a fictional family story format. Wilson first introduces Mama and Daddy Rimes, a loving couple who enjoy their “old school” music, more specifically, Jazz and Blues. Their daughter, Jasmine, didn’t understand nor enjoy her parents’ … Read more

Women on Boards: Meet The Chairman of the Board: Meghan Juday

BY: Robin Michelle Wilson Meghan Juday is a woman on a mission to help family businesses thrive and survive. She is especially committed to supporting women leaders in corporate boardrooms. A fourth-generation business leader, Juday became chairman of IDEAL Industries in 2020, a 106-year-old American family-owned company that produces connectors, hand tools, testers, and meters … Read more

The Will To Lead: Women On Boards

BY: Jasmine Ball In the early 1800s, women did not have the power to make contracts, own property or vote. Women were seen solely as servants to their husbands. By the 1840s, however, that began to change when many bold, outspoken women challenged the laws governing their physical well-being and resolved to take action to … Read more