Dr. Geneva Williams

After a 40+ year career as an award-winning, innovative nonprofit leader, Dr. Geneva Williams reinvented herself as an author, international speaker, podcaster and title-holding advocate for women to live fit, fine and a vibrant life. A late-life beauty queen, entrepreneur, and online course creator, Dr. Geneva shows women that you can do anything at any age. She delivers a powerful message on legacy and leadership. As a facilitator and workshop leader, her talks center around how to create influence, impact and do good in the community. She shares how she went from her stellar career as a President/CEO, becoming a widow after four decades of marriage, still raising two millennials at home – to becoming the oldest contestant to win the Ms. Black Fit & Fine pageant, to being recognized as a leading Michigan businesswoman, and going on to star in her first television commercial. She knows what it’s like to try to figure out “what’s next” when you don’t even know what’s left. She guides her clients through her proprietary blueprint on vibrant living that inspires women to take action and make an impact.

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