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Career Mastered Magazine is the premier one of a kind publication focused on women’s global leadership and careers. We provide a voice for the everyday career women who are making a compelling mark on business. Her attributes are: Iconic. Presence. Power. Our goal is to tell “her career story” to further the power of the woman.

Packed with a combination of inspiring and thought-provoking career information, the magazine is positioned as one-of-a kind for global career women.Designed to provide readers with the latest must-haves and must-dos, with a diverse range of content including women leadership features, testimonials, c-suite stories, health and wellness, career fashion and more.

The Fastest Growing Franchises For Women

September 9, 2023

By: Kayvonna K. Stigall    It is no longer shocking to see a woman heading up her own company and doing it well. In recent years, more and more women have chosen to step up and lead as owners and operators of their own franchise. According to Forbes, in 2021, women-owned or co-owned about 265,000 […]

The Concept of Beauty Inside + Out

September 9, 2023

When you look in the mirror at night after removing makeup and taking off your wig, putting your hair up or slipping on a bonnet – what do you think about her? Are you best friends with her? Do you judge her imperfections or celebrate her uniqueness? Do you compare her to others or applaud […]

Black Women Are the Fastest Growing Group of Women Entrepreneurs: Heres Why-

September 9, 2023

By: Lee McCalla   Being an entrepreneur isn’t easy. However, it’s become increasingly popular in recent years. Still reeling from the effects of the pandemic, many people have turned to entrepreneurship to supplement their income with side hustles, by tapping into the gig economy or by creating fullfledged businesses to make ends meet. The economic […]

The Art of The Start Up: 6 Principles To Soar!

September 9, 2023

Deciding to start a business can be an exciting and frightening moment. Exciting because you are committing to create something new from the ground up. Frightening because this may be your first time and you are confronted with a mountain of doubt and uncertainty. Let’s face it. Media is plagued with just as many stories […]

Evolving From Corporate Top Performer to Entrepreneur

September 9, 2023

By: Stephanie Hancock   Imagine having won 23 Grand Slams, seven Wimbledons, seven Australian Open titles, six US Opens, and three French Crowns all by the age of 40. Then right as you were at the top of your game, you walked away. This is exactly what tennis champion Serena Williams did in 2022. Her […]

Career Mastered 2023 “Top Entrepreneurial Women To Watch”

September 9, 2023

By: Jasmine Ball According to the Women’s Business Enterprise National Council, women-owned businesses in the US generate $1.8 trillion a year. That’s a lot of market value! Career Mastered Magazine’s 2023 Top Entrepreneurial Women to Watch features inspirational women who are making significant contributions in the marketplace. Each year, we will recognize the top performers […]

7 Benefits of An Entrepreneurial Mindset

September 9, 2023

Entrepreneurs are often admired as risk-takers and innovators. They start businesses to solve problems, live out their values and work autonomously. Entrepreneurs challenge the status quo. They disrupt existing patterns and unleash new ideas that generate unprecedented success. Entrepreneurs are bold. Bullish, perhaps. They have mastered a mindset that continuously motivates them to pursue heart […]

How to Stand, When It Gets Difficult On The Entrepreneurial Journey

September 9, 2023

BY: Jasmine Ball It’s said that the fastest way from point A to point B is a straight shot. However, when looking at the road to success in entrepreneurship this is far from the case. Difficulty is inevitable. The typical entrepreneurial journey is filled with lots of highs and lows, turns and a roller coaster […]

Rise Up: Women Entrepreneurs Come Together In Solidarity

September 9, 2023

By: Robin M Wilson If there was ever a time in history where women are on the rise, the time is now. Still, there is a need for access to adequate professional resources and mentorship for women business leaders. In July, Career Mastered Women’s Leadership Network launched Affinity Groups to further foster collaboration, networking, and […]

The Art of Hiring: How to Hire the Best Employee

September 9, 2023

By: Priya Kumar We are living in a time and age where climbing the ladder and company loyalty is becoming less of a thing. Most people are looking to make big bucks right out of college with no real work experience. Then, throw in the challenge of supervising and training work-at-home employees. Hiring the wrong […]

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