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Advancing women’s careers while supporting the next generation of youth – that’s how we do it!

Since its inception in 2015, Career Mastered Women’s Leadership Awards and Programs have created a significant impact for women’s leadership recognition and next generation talent development. With Iconic, Presence and Power as attributes of its brand, our signature Women’s History Month Leadership Awards recognizes and honors the significant and historical accomplishments of corporate and entrepreneurial women who have demonstrated the mastery of their careers while creating a path for future generations. The result is a proven program for women that generates a community of committed business leaders, entrepreneurs and educational institutions working together to give back to the next generation as well as creating a source of talent for many organizations.

Founded by Dr. Lisa J. Lindsay Wicker of Linwick & Associates, LLC. in 2015 and aligned with the principles of the National Women’s History Month Project, Career Mastered is the only Women’s History Leadership in Action Business Collaborative that recognizes women and girl’s career achievements, rallies and encourages female entrepreneurs and business women to support one another and to celebrate what we’ve achieved while continuing to take action to advance women’s careers with iconic presence and power.

  • The goal is to make a powerful difference in women’s careers with women supporting women while reaching back to move forward with future generations succeeding.
  • Iconic. Presence. Power. These are the characteristics of women who have mastered their careers in competitive fields. Women now do it all. From CEOs, to Presidents, Astronauts, Professors, Business Owners, Activists, Mothers, Elected Officials and more.
  • It was not so long ago that having a woman in the board room was a novelty. In today’s competitive marketplace, women are making a compelling mark on business.
  • Career Mastered Leadership in Action Women’s Leadership Network is not just a platform for women. It is about men and women celebrating and supporting females who are entrepreneurs and furthering women’s career roles in private or non-profit corporations while inspiring future generations in the communities in which we live.







3 Strategic Pillars

Women Leaders

Women’s Corporate Business Leaders/Entrepreneurs 5M/2025 Career Mastered Women’s Leadership®

Iconic. Presence. Power.

It’s a Powerful Time to be a Woman!

Signature Events:

  • Call for Nominations – Do You Know Her?
  • Career Mastered Women’s History Leadership In Action Awards
  • Career Mastered Women’s Pink Gallery Reception
  • Power & Worth Mixology
  • Career Mastered “I Am Her” College Tour
  • Career Mastered “Brunch with the Mastered” Collaborative
  • Career Mastered Rising Star Awards
  • Career Mastered Ladies Night Out
  • Career Mastered: Talent Meets Marketplace Career Fair & Symposiums


Social Capital Access

Social Capital/Business Access Career Mastered Women’s Leadership®.


Connect the Dots! People in the Right Places to Meet the Right People

Career Mastered is expanding globally to increase the network of women around the world. Together we can make a difference to empower women to seek careers in whatever endeavor they choose. Together we are better at celebrating what we have historically achieved and taking action to continue to get better with each successive generation. Through local and national networks, women are able to network, support and accelerate to win.

Excel Village

Educational Access/Scholarship Opportunity within the Community Excel Village Center for Learning…

Access Makes the Difference

Excel Village for Learning is a 501 (c)3 organization whose mission is to help youth create winning futures and careers in community areas most needed at the elementary, junior-high and high school level. Personal and professional empowerment:

  • Scholarship (LaVerne Gardner Lindsay Stewart)
  • Mentorship (Within Select School Districts)
  • Volunteers (Various Programs/Board Members)

TESTIMONIALS What they are saying…

Iconic. Presence. Power.

(2015- Present)

CONTRIBUTING SPONSORS & PARTNERS Corporate & Community Excellence!

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