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Women’s History Month Celebration Sponsorship Opportunities and Rewards. We invite you to become part of the National Career Mastered Women’s Leadership in Action Awards, a Women’s History Month Celebration! We take very good care of our sponsors, with branding on our website, in our press releases, social media communications, and on the day of the event. Sponsoring the 2017 Career Mastered Leadership in Action Awards will give your company strong brand recognition among some of the most influential people in business, government, and diversity management in our nation. Joining this premier event as a sponsor will:

  • Signal your organization’s belief in the importance of women’s contribution to business and diversity.
  • Demonstrates your company’s commitment to women and your belief that there is real power in hearing women’s stories that open the way to inspire today’s generation toward the future.
  • Support the celebration of Women’s History Month and Diversity.
  • Acknowledge and honor iconic, powerful, and influential women who have successfully mastered their careers in the workforce, business, community, and nation.

The Career Mastered Class of 2015 & 2016 honored some of the most influential women in the nation, including but not limited to, Florine Mark, President & CEO of Weight Watchers Group Inc.; Terry Barclay, President & CEO Inforum, Michigan’s Leading Women’s Organization; Pamela Rogers, Owner Rogers’ Chevrolet; Felecia Fields, Group Vice President Ford Motor Company; Denise llitch, Attorney, Design Owner and Publisher Ambassador Magazine. ICONIC WOMEN Linwick & Associates, LLC is thrilled to take a leading role in providing an annual platform for celebrating Women’s History Month by recognizing powerful women who dare to dream big. Their courage to work hard, embrace their own truth, and share their talents and skills paves the way for other young women. Join us as we honor women who have mastered their careers and are exceptionally strong role models of what a woman can do.

(2015- Present)

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