Career Mastered is a growing global women’s history business collaborative, founded to recognize, honor and establish networks of women supporting women and girls in their entrepreneurial or corporate business careers.

Being a member means being a part of something greater than yourself. . . a growing collaborative of women leaders who support one another, their community and the economy while supporting the next generation of youth. Career Mastered provides support, tools, and networks to advance your career and that of others. We help companies connect to talent within their marketplace. Throughout history, courageous women have inspired us by challenging conventional thinking of their time and lived life on their terms, many selflessly devoted to a higher calling. These trailblazers have shown us that we don’t have to let our past or our current circumstances keep us from advancing and achieving our dreams. Every day, more and more women rise above the disappointments of gender inequality. Women everywhere are unleashing the power of choice to reap their own rewards, shape their own careers and empower future generations to level up. Career Mastered believes today’s women leaders are Game Changers. They take charge of their careers and take charge of their futures. These women have mastered their work and have learned the necessary steps to move ahead and build a successful career. These women have made their mark in business and are exceptionally strong role models of what a woman can do! As you follow your dreams and aspirations, persevere with the aim in mind to leave a legacy for the next generation of youth.


The mission of Career Mastered Women’s Leadership Network is bringing powerful women together to support, celebrate and encourage one another’s career success while inspiring future generations.Career Mastered is the only organizations of its kind that combines women’s history, recognition awards, networking, talent access, and youth development to advance women’s careers while making a positive difference and impact on the global business environment.Career Mastered encourages economic empowerment, leadership and professional development among women and girls. There are three strategic pillars that women can access: Pillar 1: Women Leaders (Career Mastered Women’s History Leadership Awards®). Pillar 2: Social Capital Access (Career Mastered Collaborative Networks),Pillar 3: Educational Access (Excel Village)

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