Take Your Career Into Your Own Hands: Trends To Master In 2021

BY: Candace Crear

When the pandemic rocked our economy in 2020, many people were left without work and without pay. The daunting push to support families created pressure on many, in particular women. Instead of waiting for the smoke to clear, some women have chosen to take matters into their own hands and have made entrepreneurship their new career path. The number of women entrepreneurs is increasing rapidly. Many women have started their own businesses in order to break free from social constraints. Women who are business owners can achieve financial independence without relying on the status quo. According to Small Business Trends, in the last 20 years, women entrepreneurs’ statistics have shown that the amount of female business owners has increased by 114%.

As you enter this new year and navigate your next steps, it’s time to look at your career with new lens. Entrepreneurship looks to be easy from the outside, however I won’t be remiss about its challenges on the road to success. Entrepreneurship is hard work and dedication, but don’t let that deter you. Many people have found their sweet spot. Take Courtney Adeleye for example. According to courtneyadeleye.com, in 2018 she took $500 and started The Main Choice, a hair care products company, in her kitchen. Today, she has grossed over $100 million in sales, and has also started several more brands.

Not interested in selling a product? No problem. Let’s look at Susan Hyatt. By her own account, at shyatt. com, she used to be an unhappy real estate agent. One day, she decided to bet on herself and the rest is history. She’s now a master life coach helping women with their life and their business. Oh, I forgot to mention, she’s a millionaire. Whether you’ve chosen to be a doctor, teacher, computer technician, or anything in between, you can use your skills in new ways. Even if you’re not seeking an opportunity full-time, take your future into your own hands and start small. Jobs are not guaranteed, but with entrepreneurship, there are endless possibilities for your career.

If you’re thinking about starting your entrepreneurship journey, keep these five points in mind:

  • Know Your Why – People do not purchase based on the product or service they see; they make buying decisions based on the way it makes them feel. Know your why and constantly tell your story. This will engage hearts, and ultimately trigger sales.
  • Master the Art of Selling – This skill is not easily done, but in order to be an entrepreneur it is necessary. Blend your story into your sales pitch. Remember, selling should never feel forced, if you have authenticity. Your product or service is bringing value to the buyer by helping them fulfill a need.
  • Strategically Spend – As a new entrepreneur, it’s easy to get distracted with the additional materials and services you may think you need. Start with what you have, and gradually purchase items or services. It’s important to keep costs low in order to maximize revenue.
  • Price Well – When pricing your product or service, you do not have to be aligned with other like entrepreneurs. Your goal is to understand your unique difference and the substantial value you bring to your customer/client. Once you achieve this, you can price accordingly. Also, constantly discounting your offer will cause customers/ clients to undervalue your business.
  • Maximize Social Media – There are millions of people within one-click, but you’ll waste time (and money) if you’re not clear on your target market. Make sure to research the usership for each platform. This will guide you to focus your attention. If you’re looking for a professional audience, choose LinkedIn. Younger audience? TikTok. Focus on two platforms and maximize your presence. From there, you can expand to other platforms.

Candice Crear is an entrepreneur who works diligently to pour back into her community while being the CEO of Charismatic Publishing and From Fatherless to Fearless®. For more information visit www.CandiceCrear.com.

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