Finding Success On Your Own Terms

By: Kayvonna K Stigall

Outcomes along the journey to success may be determined by these factors:

A person’s capacity to endure what it takes to get to the level of success they want;

whether they are fully vested and motivated;

whether there are things keeping them from pushing past their level of comfortability;

or even the presence of wavering commitment.

Whether you are starting out or you are in the middle of accepting the challenge of mapping out your journey, there are some steps that can help you create personal expectations so you can shake off the doubt that may try to creep in to keep you from being successful.

Here are several steps to help make the journey to your success a personal one:

  1. See It Before You See It: Vision is essential to being successful. Being able to see yourself succeeding helps to keep you focused even when an idea or concept may not be going in the direction you thought it might. Vision keeps your eyes on the finished project or idea even though you are journeying through the process before the actual product is seen with the natural eye.
  2. Set Goals: You can have lots of ideas; however, setting a goal helps you to be consistent with bringing those ideas closer to reality. Successful people plan and they plan on purpose.
  3. Make Adjustments: Life happens! This may seem challenging because making adjustments can feel like being taken out of your comfort zone. However, being taken out of your comfort zone is also part of a person’s journey to success. If you are being challenged and pushed to another level, you can almost be certain that you are on the right track toward personal growth. Don’t shy away! Change is the only thing that is constant so embrace the challenge!
  4. Be Consistent:  Making adjustments doesn’t mean you sacrifice consistency. Being consistent in the level of energy you bring, your integrity, and your accountability will set a precedent in your communication with others and the conversations that happen about you when you are not even in the room.
  5. Expect To Win: Yes, if you are setting out on a journey, you want to be successful! Expect that your journey will yield a great return! Remember why you started this journey in the first place.

Although this is a personal journey of success, there may be others involved along the way who provide knowledge and insight. In those times, it’s important to not let the opinion of others change your journey and the goals you have set. Instead, let that information become a part of the process aiding toward your accountability and commitment to seeing things through. This journey is not an infinite destination. It may even change as you continue to live, have different experiences, and pursue other avenues of career, business, and life. Allowing yourself to be flexible with yourself will help in making your journey to personal success worth it in every season!

Kayvonna K. Stigall is a published author, freelance writer, and poet from River Rouge, Michigan.

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