Intentions For The New Year: Mastering Better Outcomes

Living authentically is a term you see everywhere; it’s a popular buzzword statement these days. However, more than ever, women in all walks of life are embracing their true, authentic selves. Women, particularly in leadership, have to overcome obstacles daily to prove their worth.

Thanks to authentic women like ZsaZa Hubbard, media personality, international keynote speaker, host, and influencer, who believes in leading by example, women have strong role models to emulate, showing up and guiding them on embracing authenticity and holding it close to their hearts.

“What comes from the heart speaks to the heart,” says Hubbard. Hubbard suggests surrounding yourself with others who are driven and focused. But also to love and appreciate yourself and all you have to offer, without hiding behind anyone else.

Thinking On A Larger Scale

 A large part of authenticity, especially as a leader, comes from thinking long-term. How do you remain true to your authentic self while setting a culture and mission and living a life that is self-aware and authentic? And then, show your team how to do that if you’re not thinking long-term?

Caring about others, understanding their missions, and helping them navigate that path forward with effective, honest, and actionable feedback, is how.

Let your actions lead the way. Let your actions show your true intentions. Hubbard says, “I think authenticity in life can be a natural extension from the desire to be a good leader. As a business owner and the person whose job it is to grow the culture and establish the values of my company, I need to set the expectations for my team and lead by example, and create a safe environment for authenticity to occur.”

Free To Be Me

“As a woman, take ownership of your stance, become your beacon of light! It’s okay to speak up, and it’s okay to walk in your calling unapologetically,” says Hubbard.

“Living authentically has only served to enhance my career by affording me to walk alongside people who share the same sentiments.”

Authenticity is a quality. It’s the ability to permit yourself to be yourself, no matter the circumstance. As an entrepreneur and business owner, I lead by example; my actions show my true intentions. It’s okay to make mistakes, and I’m the first one to point out my own. In turn, this allows my team a safe space to own up to their mistakes and celebrate successes.

This is a big part of authenticity because when you’re authentic, to be authentic is to care about others. I want to solve problems before they exist.

Cue The Adjectives

Self-aware, genuine women are often victims of adjective slamming with words like aggressive and arrogant being thrown at them.In many instances, initially, women are viewed as either or both aggressive and arrogant.

Once others learn that authentic women are deeply empathetic, caring, and genuine, the realization that all those traits go hand-in-hand is recognized. It can be hard to deal with, but staying on your path will also thicken your skin, causing those words being slung to bounce off quickly.

Living authentically allows the ability to enjoy being yourself, and it will enable others to enjoy you, too.

Final Words Of Wisdom

“The advice I would give to all women looking to present their authentic selves professionally is to find out WHO YOU ARE! Ask yourself who you want to be seen as. Do you love the person you are when you’re around people? Do you love the person you are when you’re by yourself,” says Hubbard.

At the end of the day, to embrace your authenticity, be brave. Be yourself. And, trust your process.

Nicole Hudson is an engaging thought leader in marketing strategy development, branding, demand generation, content marketing, SEO, social media, storytelling, social selling, marketing technology and lead generation. Her firm, Inbound Lead Solutions, focuses on sales, communications and marketing alignment with B2B companies, franchising, professional services, keynote speakers, authors and consultants.

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