5 Ways To Develop Creativity

Creativity is the very force of life and the universe. Some will say that their creative side is dormant. Even so, this power is inherent in all living things and expresses as ingenuity, innovation, and reproduction. Where there is energy there must be expression. When we are tuned to the wisdom within, a limitless world opens to our imagination. Freewill is the essential key to creating opportunities and dwelling in the possibilities this season. Here are five ways to arouse your creativity today.

  • Breathe Easy.

Use your breath to calm your mind so that there is headspace to allow for creativity to flow. We know that the mind follows the breath. When we regulate and educate the breath, we reign in our mind. An easy breath is a Three Point Breath where we drop the breath rate to four breaths per minute by inhaling for five seconds, hold for five and exhale for five. This quickly calms the mind to open up space for creative juices to begin to flow.

  • Invite The Good Vibes.

Use sound to tune your heart and mind to that inner wisdom (aka guiding force). In the thickest of darkness, when we cannot see even a speck of light, sound can penetrate. Sound is the blueprint of the universe and our own voice is the blueprint of our soul. Take in the moment by singing, humming, playing high vibrational music or simply listening to nature.

  • Immerse Yourself In The Great Outdoors

Become one with nature. Step outside and take in the elements of nature. Returning to it connects us to the very source of our being. In this space of appreciating collaboration with nature and universe, we can use the resources of the universe to create a life that is in harmony with the whole.

  • Connect With Meaning, Purpose, Intention.

In order to find your happy button, tune into the intention to know your part in the greater whole. Knowing what we love and creating ways to do what we love solidifies our vision. We get to see our own tree even when only a seed, and this space allows us to nurture it to fruit.

  • Set A Course For Self-Discovery

Take time to gather your desires and thoughts on things that matter to you. Letting ideas flow onto paper, to write or type out things we love to do, opens the floodgates for the generation of more ideas. After all, this is a soul process, to realize things that help nurture our creative expression. Self-knowing creates a sacred space for us to tap root into the universal soul, origin, creation itself.

Encourage yourself to open and discover the endless possibilities of life, career, and business. Fully live as a citizen of the universe and lead the way to deepening

creativity, resourcefulness and appreciation for life and living. There is no limit to whatever you choose and dare to imagine to create, go for all of it!

Coming from a background of nursing and natural healing, Grace Mei Yen Foo’s main focus is validating the potency of physical and nonphysical modalities through independent research. Merging of wholistic regenerative health and wealth solutions to elevate the collective.

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