Spotlight On Healthy Lifestyles: Jody Trierweiler

BY: Lisa Nichols

When we set our intentions for the year, most of us can identify several health goals we want to attain. Whether we are focused on medical concerns, weight loss aspirations, or increased energy, we know that our future possibilities depend on our physical health. No matter how much we want to see those results, putting a plan in action can be a challenge.

At Career Mastered Magazine (CMM), we are equipped to rise to the challenge. That is where Jody Trierweiler, Certified Transformational Nutritional Coach, Weight Loss Specialist, and a long-time contributing writer to CMM comes in. This Certified Nutritional Coach, fitness expert, and owner of Jody’s FitLife, wins at helping clients excel in weight loss programs and nutritional supplements.

Jody is an expert at educating people on new ways to implement healthy habits into their lifestyles. She doles out the encouragement you need to believe that you are capable of putting your goals into motion. With a background in sports medicine and a wealth of experience in nutrition and fitness, Jody has plenty of practical tips that are backed by science and easy to apply. Whether you are looking for new recipes to try, effective exercise routines, nutritional supplements, or a motivational workout partner, Jody’s got you covered.

Some of her tips are so simple, it’s hard to believe you’ve never tried them before. In one of her recent posts, for example, she explains how feeling anxious before you eat can contribute to poor indigestion. The solution? Take a deep breath and relax before you start to eat. She also recommends combatting bloating and improving digestion by slowing down as you eat and chewing more. It’s a small modification that makes a big difference.

Her reputation as ‘The Healthy Snack Detective’ comes from the way that Jody is always sharing new ideas for snacks that are both delicious and good for your body. She even has a recipe on social media for her carb-less bread, which appears to be nothing short of a miracle when you consider its ingredients are primarily egg whites! Those of us who love to snack know how important it is to have different options that taste good, without sabotaging our wellness goals.

In between your snacks, follow her on Instagram @jodysfitlife, and you’ll be inspired by her workouts and her positive presence. If her energy is an indication of how fitness and healthy eating can benefit you, it is certainly worth the effort.

Those in the Detroit metro area will recognize Jody as a regular part of Live in the D TV, where she shares weight loss advice, along with recipes for healthier eating. What makes her tips so valuable is that she gives quick-to-implement changes that will have an immediate effect on your health, so you can take action right away and start to see results. Most of us know that if a healthy lifestyle seems too out of reach, chances are we’ll put it off for longer than we should. But with the small modifications she recommends, Jody inspires changes that have a long-term impact on your overall health.

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