Manage Your Image to Increase Your Influence and Improve Your Income

What is your personal brand? What makes you stand out from others in your same industry? If you’re not sure, keep reading. However, thinking that you do not have a personal brand is NOT true. The truth is we all have one. A personal brand is the practice of people marketing themselves and their careers. To put it simply, it is the combination of how you see yourself plus how others see you. Appearance and image are important components of a personal brand. In a professional environment, a positive image can result in an increased salary or a “fast track” career path with multiple promotions. It is well known that people do business with people, more specifically people that they like. A positive image can also increase your reach within your industry while directly increasing your influence and your bottom line. As an image consultant and wardrobe stylist, I understand that the path to a value-adding image is consistency, trust, and authenticity.

BE CONSISTENT! Practicing self-care daily is a great way to proactively avoid all the little things that can “cramp your style.” Starting your day with meditation, reading a devotional, or getting your heart rate up with exercise can help relieve stress and calm a bad attitude. Practice these to create a sense of Zen throughout your day, no matter what unexpected issues arise. Scheduling routine appointments for hair, skincare, and nails can be the best use of time to ease the embarrassment of appearing unprepared personally and professionally.
TRUST YOURSELF! You are your personal brand. Trust that you have everything you need, to achieve your financial goals, and your dreams, and build creditable relationships, RIGHT NOW. Identify your best qualities and lead with them. Create a personal brand that is uplifting and allows balance in your life. To accomplish this, look to align yourself with those that complement your image (not necessarily family or friends). Establishing a trusted tribe is beneficial because it can help sharpen your interpersonal skills and help to avoid blind spots. These are important factors when building trust with yourself and others. Make a habit of being PRESENT wherever you are and pay close attention to your body’s reactions. Understanding and respecting your body signals can help guide you toward what’s best for you.
BE AUTHENTIC! In order to be authentic, you have to have some idea of who you are. To know yourself is an intentional action. I believe that “Style Speaks Louder Than Words,” and that your style and image are your reputation and what you are known for. If your personal brand is difficult to identify and what others would say about you is far from what you would say about yourself, chances are there is an authenticity gap in your image. We all have something that we are working to change about ourselves, being a “work in progress” with a few areas of opportunity is not uncommon. However, if you have personality traits that you are not proud of, that are keeping you from your perceived image, and not serving your relationships, including disrupting your wealth strategy, it is time to change. Don’t be afraid to be yourself. You can be a unique person and inclusive of your environment at the same time. Forfeiting what makes you special will not meet your needs or the needs of those you are meant to serve. Build your self-confidence with positive thoughts about yourself. Begin by focusing on and celebrating what you like about yourself. Don’t hold yourself to any definite titles, remove any limitations around who you HAVE to be. Discovering and in some cases, reinventing yourself should be FUN! You are a wonderful daughter, a caring sister, a committed partner, and a joy to be around.
Having a personal brand strategy is a smart way to increase your influence and therefore increase your income. Being consistent and trusting yourself can ultimately lead to an authentic connection with yourself and those around you. Improving or establishing your personal brand is a journey and no matter where you are in the process it is a rewarding venture!
Angianein Wallace is the CEO of 8th Reign Group, an Image and Style Consulting Agency. She is an image consultant, professional wardrobe stylist, creative director,and thought leader. Her agency is designed around the belief that “Style speaks louder than words” TM.

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