Rise Above: How To Be A Force For Good In This World

BY: Kayvonna K Stigall

If you’re going to rise, you may as well shine! While getting to a place is an accomplishment by itself, what you do when you get there sets you apart from the rest. In this world, being a force of good goes beyond the day-to-day “clock in and out.” In a moment, we will explore a few ways for your superpowers to show up in your career choice, workplace, and business.

Taking initiative to develop your skills no matter your work status can go a long way. Whether you are an employer or employee, this type of behavior sets you apart from others and may allow you to gain more work experience that could support company and business growth.

ASSESS YOUR PROGRESS. Assessing your progress will help you to keep track of your goals and the work that you do. When you take the time to do this it will save you time in the long run as you begin to put your work or plan into action. This may look like you are creating a timeline that reflects a list of short-term and long-term project goals as well as outlining measurable and smart goals.

BE WILLING TO BUILD RELATIONSHIPS. You may achieve less by doing work alone. It’s important to remember that building relationships that will be beneficial to your business or career will not always put you in a room with people who think just like you. A part of building relationships that are nurturing and support growth will involve stretching yourself and seeking out individuals who are different from you.

ESTABLISHING A STRONG WORK ETHIC WILL ASSIST YOU WITH REACHING THE GOALS YOU HAVE SET. Putting in the work over time will reap benefits that will go beyond a one-time business deal or opportunity. When a work ethic with a strong foundation is set the gain can be seen for years to come.

 BE A PART OF THE SOLUTION, NOT THE PROBLEM. It’s always great when you are on the solution team. As problems arise, and we know they do, when you position yourself to be a problem-solver your voice and actions will allow your business or the company you work for to become an example to the world in your field.

COMMUNICATION IS KEY IN EVERY BUSINESS. There are so many ways to communicate and it’s important to be able to use as many avenues as you can in order to make your business accessible to your target audience. Communicating can only be effective if you communicate well. Be sure that you are having those conversations, giving clarity and confirming that all information is being comprehended so that expectations are clear.

Rising above to be a good force in the world will take some effort but it will be worth it. Remembering that your accomplishments, sacrifice, and work will go beyond the scope of your day-to-day business interactions but will set a tone of excellence because you are choosing to take the lead in your workplace or business.

Kayvonna K. Stigall is a published author, freelance writer, and poet from River Rouge,Michigan. Follow her work on Instagram @riseaboveclouds

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