Tips For a More Colorful Worklife

By: Asia Shamir Ferguson

For many of us, work life can grow dull. A lack of extravagant or exciting events could cause us to question our life purpose and rethink career choices. While it sounds drastic, it can happen to us all, especially if we are not intentional about creating a work environment that’s inspirational and more of what we desire. 

The key to having a more colorful worklife is knowing what we can and cannot control and making the decision to still have a successful workday. Controlling the colorful aspects  of your environment will lead you to increased satisfaction and fulfillment in the workplace. Enjoy these tips to add some life to your work. 

Take advantage of your wardrobe 

Look good. Feel good. Do Good. Never underestimate the power of an amazing outfit. You don’t have to look like you’re walking the red carpet, but showing up in a killer outfit has proven to boost confidence and performance. Even if you work from home, instead of logging on in your pajamas, elevate your workfrom-home wardrobe to quality loungewear. Even though you’re remote, showing up for yourself the same way you’d show up to an office not only boosts self-worth but also the excitement to get to work. 

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Add color… literally Colors are proven to unconsciously affect mood and senses. Look around your work environment. If you don’t notice any dimension, texture, or color in your workplace, it’s time to add some fun and intrigue to your environment. You should be excited to go to work every day, even if it’s for the small things, like your favorite pink coffee mug, vase of flowers or comfy desk chair. Also, adding appealing colors to your notes adds a childlike feeling of excitement that keeps you inspired and working. As feminine beings, we thrive off inspiration and creativity, and a dull and less than aesthetically pleasing environment isn’t contributing anything to our productivity. 

Consume motivational content Color not only comes visually, but also in the material we consume. It’s important to feed your mind good things throughout the day to counter loss of energy. Taping motivational quotes to your desk and verbally affirming them makes life colorful in your mind. If you’re not a word-of-affirmation kind of girl, try visual aids such as hanging your vision board or an inspiring photo in your office. Listening to informational or inspirational content can also add an unconscious spark to your drive. Creating an uplifting work environment not only comes from tangible actions but from within. 

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Don’t “work from home” at home If you’re a work-from-home queen, the same old routine can get boring very quickly. In the beginning, it may be a flex, but it can eventually get less exciting by the day. To keep the energy high and maintain a colorful worklife, try getting out of the house and working at your local coworking space, coffee shop or nearby park. Changing up your work environment can add a motivating and spontaneous aspect to your day that makes life colorful. It also allows you to connect and network with new people you may not have otherwise met. You never know who you could meet or what stories you’d get to hear by talking to new people, and that in and of itself could add a lot more color to your life! Making more intentional work-from-home decisions can add excitement while also keeping productivity in check. 

Color can be added to your life in ways that are not just seen, but felt. Incorporating uplifting and high-vibrational sensations into your work life, adopting a change of scenery, and surrounding yourself with pops of color can help promote positivity and keep you in a highly productive state to show up as your best self.

x Asia Shamir Ferguson is a wardrobe stylist, content creator, and journalist based in Atlanta, GA. Asia is part of Generation Z of storytellers, fashion writers, and creatives

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