4 Actions To Build A Foundation For Sustainable Performance

BY: Lisa Nichols

As companies all over the world adapt to new trends and technologies, one of the biggest challenges leaders of today face is how to cultivate an environment that not only drives success but also encourages employee longevity.

A 2023 Qualtrics survey of nearly 37,000 employees revealed that “Thirty-nine percent of employees who have been with a company for less than six months plan to leave within the next 12 months, a 6-point increase from last year.” With a decrease in engagement during the first few months of employment becoming more common, how can leaders create a workplace that fosters employee growth, engagement and success?

Effective organizations understand that keeping their best talent saves money, increases productivity and fuels innovation. And they know that the key to establishing trust is adopting a human centric approach that reflects dedication to their team members’ growth and appreciation for the value each employee brings.

If you want to produce the type of culture that inspires your employees to do their best work, these four actions will set your team members up for long-term success.

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A commitment to their continued career growth might mean developing a more robust onboarding process, offering additional employee learning experiences, or standardizing one-on-one coaching for emerging leaders. Employees are looking for professional development opportunities, and this investment energizes morale and enables them to take on new challenges.


Boost your employees’ confidence by acknowledging their contributions to the team and letting them know what you appreciate most about who they are. As you recognize their abilities and give clear and specific feedback about their performance, you encourage them to continually pursue their own learning and development. Seeing someone’s potential and communicating the possibility you envision for them is one of the most powerful ways to inspire growth, and the more employees flourish within your organization, the more likely they are to stay.


Co-create your long-term strategy with your employees, and welcome their perspectives and ideas. The healthiest and highest-performing workplaces offer environments that encourage diverse ways

of thinking. When you cultivate psychological safety, team members aren’t afraid to speak up because they know there’s no threat of repercussions, and the freedom to actively contribute to the team unlocks creativity and innovation.


More than anything else, feeling like you’re not alone prevents burnout during times of high stress, and having authentic relationships with your colleagues fosters a sense of belonging. For leaders, identifying your own emotions and holding space for your employees to recognize what they’re experiencing is one of the primary ways to promote real connection. Not only does team cohesion increase the success of your organization, it also improves the sustainability of your success.

Employees that feel supported, appreciated, heard and connected are free to own their unique value and thrive in their roles. By implementing these strategies, you enable each employee to reach their full capacity, positioning your team to excel in the long term and become more than the sum of its parts. x


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Lisa Nichols is the Founder of Lisa Nichols Consulting, an Employee Engagement and Retention firm dedicated to cultivating thriving workplaces through compassion and curiosity. She loves networking, drinking coffee and inspiring others to own their unique value.


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