Winter 2019

A New Leader Makes History at Tuskegee University

Presidency, Pride, and Progress BY: Tisha Hammond Mother Tuskegee has birthed a new legacy of leadership… and one of these presidents is not like the others. The pride of the swift-growing south has ushered in a new Golden Tiger Lily. Effective July 1, 2018, by way of a unanimous selection by the Tuskegee University Board

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Kick Some Glass!

11 Ways Women Succeed at Work on Their Own Terms BY: Linda Anger It shouldn’t be a surprise to anyone that the best-selling books about business success in the last century have been written by men, primarily for men. Fortunately, as more women step into senior leadership roles around the globe, that trend is changing.

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Global Women in STEM: Serese Selanders

This Lady is Saving Lives in an ALARMING FASHION BY: Tisha L. Hammond “There are tough, dark days. This feedback helps me realized why I’ve been put on this Earth and that I’ve done something incredible.” Like the national anthem of her beloved Canada, Serese Selanders stands on guard for thee. Meet the disrupter merging

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8 Holiday Gifts for Her!

BY: Joan T. Randall This holiday season is by far a favorite for many! Something about Christmas carols, decorations, gingerbread houses and eggnog gives that warm, fuzzy feeling. It takes us back to our childhood and the days of staying up all night on Christmas Eve, itching to open gifts. Then, when the day arrived,

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Women’s Leadership

University of North Carolina at Charlotte Women’s Leadership Development Program – Sets the Foundation for Success By Racquelle Harris Photography by Tony Rushing Makeup by Monique Simone The outcome of this year’s midterm elections reflects what we’ve known for a while: women create and command several seats at the table. We are crushing barriers in order

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Dancing & Authenticity

Career Mastered talks Dancing & Authenticity with its Founder/Publisher Dr. Lisa Lindsay Wicker BY: Tiffany Courtney Photography by Cherie Jzer Google Dr. Lisa Lindsay Wicker. The page will unfurl in a flurry of terms and titles that read like SEO career gold: award-winning author, internationally recognized thought leader, career strategist, founder and entrepreneur. The words

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She Leads By Example

She Doesn’t Look Like What She’s Been Through BY: Eugenia M. Orr, Ed.D More than anything, Dorinda Walker wants everyone she speaks to, everyone she meets, to know that they are enough. This award-winning marketing executive, community advocate, empowerment speaker and change agent uses her story of being an at-risk youth with mental illness to

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Janice Little: Lowe’s Chief Diversity Officer

Creates a Workplace Where Everyone Can “THRIVE” BY: Linda Anger A diverse workforce comprised of people from a wide array of cultures, viewpoints and backgrounds is not just “nice to have.” It’s essential. Janice Little, Lowe’s Chief Diversity Officer, is on a mission to make diversity and inclusion an essential business priority. Little was named Lowe’s

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Career Mastered’s I AM HER CAMPUS TOURS

BY: Evelyn Summerville You might know the old sales adage that says, “People do business with people they know, like and trust.” Have you considered how this impacts your employee recruitment strategy, especially with the millennial and post-millennial generations? Having a strong employer brand may no longer be sufficient enough to attract top candidates and

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Madeline Kidd: Internships Strengthen Career Paths

BY: Hadley Roy Internships provide a valuable step in launching a strong, vibrant career path. They provide experience alongside education, allowing students to explore various industries before they make a final decision about what they’d like to do after graduation. Career Mastered spoke with Madeline Kidd, a 23-year-old studying Entertainment Arts and Digital Filmmaking at

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Movers & Shakers

Women Leading Today’s Global Companies Role models inspire and encourage. Knowing women’s achievements helps women and girls to know what is possible. “Her story” is a catalyst that sparks our desire to contribute in some way. Career Mastered Magazine salutes women history makers who have mastered their work and have learned the necessary steps to

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Holiday Eating Habits

How to Make it Through the Holidays without Gaining Weight BY : Jody Trierwiller There’s a reason that most people make a New Year’s resolution to lose weight. We tend to overindulge and gain holiday weight starting in October. And, on average, it takes people five months to lose the weight! Not everyone gains weight,

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Sahle-Work Zewde

Becomes Ethiopia’s First Female President A Woman of Strength raises hope among women’s rights groups for more gender equality in Ethiopia. The 68-year-old was unanimously approved by the Ethiopian parliament to replace Mulatu Teshome, who resigned unexpectedly. Ms. Sahle-Work is an experienced diplomat, who has now become Africa’s only female head of state. Her election

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Holiday Skin Care & Glamour Tips

BY: Rechelle Andrews Ladies, is your skin ready for the winter? As the weather changes, so may your skincare routine. As we move into the holiday season, the colder temperatures typically dry out skin. Therefore, it is important to have a skin care routine that includes the following: Cleanser – Consider cleansing oils or non- foaming

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Being Seen and Heard

5 Tips to Help Women Navigate Being the Only Female Leader BY: Amber Cabral While women currently make up 47 percent of the workforce, an even smaller amount actually hold leadership positions. As a result, there are still occasions where she may be the only woman in the room. Being the only woman in the

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Member Spotlight: ITC Holding Corporation

Career Mastered Corporate Excellence in Diversity Program BY: Evelyn Summerville Founded in 2003, Michigan-based ITC Holding Corp. (ITC) is the largest independent electricity transmission company in the United States. The firm is renowned for its commitment to diversity, operational excellence and environmental stewardship. Its mantra, “Doing the Right Thing,” is the center of all decisions

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Power Play with Lisa J. Wicker, PhD

Believe in Yourself: You are a unique, confident and interesting person! A Winner! The great Muhammad Ali was a master at building himself up. Before a fight, he would announce to the world: “The bear will fall in five!” He proclaimed it, over and over. And, sure enough, the bear would fall exactly as Ali

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