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Success is not willy-nilly. It is the result of living with purpose and intentionality. Most of all, as a popular saying goes, “Success is loving what you do and doing what you love.” Successful women are to be celebrated. They persevere through trials to transform lives. They overcome obstacles to create lasting legacies. They work it! 

That’s why Career Mastered is highlighting a few women with incredible success stories. From your educational achievements, to your community revitalization initiatives and personal empowerment programs, ladies, we see you. We applaud your accomplishments and appreciate the way you work it! 





Chief Operating Officer, Marygrove Conservancy 

Racheal Allen is energized by helping to elevate disadvantaged voices and bring underrepresented perspectives to the table. With more than 15 years
of experience in operations, her career has centered around improving outcomes for Detroit’s most vulnerable school children, as well as helping keep the streets of Downtown Detroit clean while empowering returning citizens. She also majors in helping small 

businesses build operational capacity and now, she is at the forefront of revitalizing the Marygrove campus. Being COO of the Marygrove Conservancy is both her proudest accomplishment and her dream job. Allen shared, “Every role I’ve ever done has prepared me for this one, including my work in educational facilities, non-profit management and entrepreneurship.” Her major goal for 2020 is to implement new key performance indicators that will help monitor the organization’s overall operational health. She envisions her legacy as transforming the operations of the campus and creating a self-sustaining non-profit that will serve thousands of families annually. 

Allen says that resiliency is a major component of her success. “Regardless of the challenges I experience, I’m able to stay focused on the goal and leverage my inner strength,” she said. Allen also draws strength from her favorite motivational quote, a statement by Winston Churchill: “Success is not final. Failure is not fatal. It is the courage to continue that counts.” 


Human Resources Business Associate, General Mills 

From studying sociology as an undergrad, to recently receiving her Master’s degree in Management, Tiara Jones possesses the heart of a non-profit case manager, the mind of an HR professional, and the spirit of a blooming businesswoman. She is committed to leaving a legacy that improves the lives of others. 

“I see myself being someone who people feel like genuinely cares. My goal with clients is to have them feeling better leaving the conversation than they did coming in, a little more confident, a little more focused and a little more joyous,” Jones said. 

Her success journey is marked by a willingness to try new
things. “When opportunity knocks, I answer. If it doesn’t work,
I always find a way to pivot,” she said. Case in point, she tried a
computer programming bootcamp, which she discovered was not a
good fit. Her next move was applying for business school. Jones also relocated to a new state for work, knowing next to no one. Reflecting on her move, Jones said, “I had to push myself outside my comfort zone to build community and put down roots. I learned that I am resilient and ambitious, and that I can make any place my home.” 

Jones enjoys bringing her creativity and strategic outlook to problem solving. It is exhilarating for her to enter a room with a problem and exit with an exciting solution. She also enjoys public speaking. Indeed, a proud career moment was sharing how the United Negro College Fund (UNCF) impacted her life to 2,500 people during a scholarship breakfast. With a goal of facilitating 25 trainings this year, Jones aspires to enhance the lives of women and to inform students how to navigate from high school to graduate school. 


9 Career Mastered SPRING 2020 


A heartfelt thanks goes to all the women who participated in our recent Facebook contest. Each of you are truly working it! We wish you continued success and new heights in your business, career and, of course, your life. 

Marcelle “Marci” Bryant, Brand Manager
Tanya Clark, Esq.
Candace Graham
, CEO, A&C Tutoring
Debra Levantrosser, Leadership Executive Christina Strong-Regan, Marketing Manager
Julie Thomas, Christian Author
Sanya Tyson-Weston, CEO, Your Premier Travel Service Yalonda Wynn, Owner, My Sistah’s & Me 24 Hr Hair Braidin 



CEO, Kim Boudreau Smith, Inc. 

Without question, Kim Boudreau Smith helps women use their voices courageously and overcome a noisy, negative mindset. She gets to witness miracles by seeing women step into their boldness, managing their inner critic and strengthening their confidence. This is her legacy – women believing in themselves, succeeding on their own terms, and making an impact. It’s no wonder that her favorite quote is, “Be you! Everyone else is taken,” by Oscar Wilde. 

Smith has many impressive entrepreneurial
achievements. She was the first woman to pioneer an internet radio station, making waves with women’s voices globally. She is a published author of three anthologies, which she spearheaded. Most recently, she launched a speaking curriculum for women. 

“I started with one person and I had no idea what this would lead me to. So many coming in to step deeper into their voices, their hearts are amazing. Things are happening and I know they are coming from God,” she said. The key to success for Smith is in herself and her connections. Approximately 12 years ago, she began some 

deep introspection. She acknowledges, “My wisdom, my work on myself, leads me to inspire others to do the same. It is all part of the bold voice.” When looking outward, she sees the abundance around her, including a global network that she emphatically claims as her lifeline. 

In 2020, Smith is stepping into her first solo book project. This is how she will continue to work it. 

Evelyn Summerville is a leadership and lifestyle coach. She harnesses the experiences and lessons learned during
her time as Director of Marketing Research & Analysis for a Fortune 500 firm to support leaders in fast tracking their success. In doing so, Evelyn empowers people to live and lead with purpose, passion and excellence. 

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