‘Tis The Season To Be Grateful

‘Tis The Season To Be Grateful

BY: Candice Crear

The holidays are approaching quickly, and with all the woes of the world, you may not have noticed. If you’re like me, life has been sending you on a rollercoaster ride of emotions, so this season is feeling a little different. But it’s time to get your smile back. Through it all, you’ve survived 100% of your bad days. That means, ‘tis the season to be grateful, even with a pandemic in tow. Shifting to a grateful heart allows you to experience the joy and appreciation of everything you’ve been blessed with.

Let’s count down the top five things to be grateful for:

5: SELF-CARE  As women, we often put work, our spouse, and our children, before ourselves. It may seem like there’s a new to-do list every week, but thankfully we can take a break and take care of ourselves. The power of self-care is only evident when we set time aside to do it. It’s important to take time for ourselves so that we can pour into others. Centering our mind, body and soul with a fresh start is always what the doctor ordered. To jump start your rest and relaxation this winter try a solo vacation, a spa day, or simply take time off to dream again.

4: ABILITY TO SERVE  There is nothing like the ability to serve others. Using your unique gifts produces fulfillment that cannot be obtained elsewhere. Serving allows us to maximize our calling, pull the next generation higher, and make the world a better place. Although gratefulness may be rendered in the tangible benefit of serving, it is distinguished mostly in the intangible alignment of who you are, and who God has called you to be. When you serve, you are humbling yourself by working for a greater purpose that is directly linked to someone’s well-being.

3: POWER TO GET WEALTH  The power to get wealth expands beyond money, and it’s that power that we should be grateful for. A successful life is not centered around your upbringing, how much you have, nor who you are. In fact, many people would like to be in your shoes right now, even if your circumstances may be less than favorable. The power to get wealth is simply the ability to change your mindset, believe in your abilities to do more (and do it), and lead your family’s legacy. This great power gives you the keys to life’s journey so that you’re in charge, not the other way around.

2: LIFE  Life is a peculiar light in a dark room, a pink line in a blue sky. It is the ultimate challenge that yields the greatest reward. It is not whether you think you have a good life or bad life that warrants whether you should be grateful; it is the fact that you still have life. Just to be able to breathe air into your lungs should bring the overwhelming notion that God’s plan for you not over. Wake up daily being grateful for where you are today, what tomorrow may bring, and how you can fulfill your destiny one step at a time.

1: FAITH  With this egregious world of slander, hate, and disease, it is a relief that we can rest in the fact that our faith in God will be our anchor. Faith is the centralized peace that allows us to stand in the midst of life’s storms and not be overtaken. It is the substance that keeps us holding on to greater. God does his best work in a trial; therefore, gratefulness is not achieved when God reprieves us from hardship. It is truly the process that renews our strength, and increases our faith and hope in who God is. In all trials and tribulations, keep your faith because it will not fail you.

While many choose to wallow in self-pity when life doesn’t deal them a full deck of cards, Candice Crear chose to convert her life into a greater purpose. She works diligently to pour back into her community while being the CEO of Charismatic Creations, LLC and From Fatherless to Fearless®. For more information about Candice Crear, visit www.CandiceCrear.com.


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