Radiance Begins With You!

BY: Dr. Sabrina Jackson

As we continue to navigate this new world changed by the invasion of COVID-19, we must understand that what the world needs now is Love/ Light and it starts within You. The past year has been one like we have never seen before. We have experienced a pandemic, insurgence, hundreds of thousands of deaths from Coronavirus and racial injustice. All these lead to dark thoughts, feelings, and behaviors. To move to a place of positive thoughts and feelings, each of us must go within. This is very necessary for leaders in the workplace, as our co-workers, staff, and customers are looking to us for how to navigate these dark spaces.

The first step is that each person must identify the self-defeating attitudes and behaviors that can adversely affect the workplace. Review the following list and be honest with yourself about the things you are actively engaging in currently:

As you review the list, it is important to be completely honest with yourself as the only way to heal from a thing, is to be real about that thing. Once you understand the areas of darkness you must eliminate, you must have something positive to replace them with. In order to show up as the light in your career/business space, it will be helpful to engage in this level of self-assessment. As you review this next list, not only should you identify the items you actively engage in, also create the mindset to implement them ALL.

Each person must make sure that the light they want to see in their career/business, illuminates from within. Once you move from self[1]defeating attitudes and behaviors to self-supporting attitudes and behaviors, you are on the path of shining the light within you. The radiance that our workplaces need resides within each of us. As a light bearer, you must understand the various types of light you can shine within your business/workplace.

  • PIN LIGHT – When you shine a pin light it is a laser like focused light. You may need to help an individual in your business/workplace.
  • FLASHLIGHT – When you shine a flashlight you may need to be a light with a small group of people that work with you inside of the business/workplace.
  • LAMP – When you shine a lamp, you may need to shine with large groups you may lead within the workplace.
  • STREETLIGHT – When you shine a streetlight you are now shining a light to your neighborhood, community, and people are being impacted that you may see but have no direct contact with. The warmth of your light is impacting those around you.
  • SEARCH LIGHT – When you shine as a search light you are purposely disseminating information in your community to assist others. You may speak at events, donate to nonprofits, lead industry associations, etc
  • LIGHTHOUSE – When you shine as a lighthouse, you are illuminating light in such a huge manner that people are impacted by what you do and never even know it came from you. You may write articles, books, create curriculum, or speak in media,

When you focus on the darkness in your career/business, you become full of darkness. The only thing that eradicates darkness is LIGHT. You have the power to impact the light, love, and joy needed as it is within you.

Shine Your Radiant Light! The world or work needs it!

Dr. Sabrina Jackson, “The People Expert,” helps people with people, even if that person is themselves. As a speaker, TV/radio personality, author and life coach, Dr. Sabrina was featured in the movie “Team Marriage” on Amazon Prime. Follow her on Instagram @drsabrinaspeaks or online at www. sabrinajackson.com.

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