6 Ways to Boost Your Mental Health This Holiday Season!

As women, we bear most of the responsibility for holiday logistics such as family wardrobes, gift shopping, home upkeep, event planning, decor, food, invitations, travel, lodging, and so much more. If you’re tired of annual holiday burnout, make a commitment this year to work smarter. Preserve your energy and protect your mental wellness with the six tips below.

  • Let It Out

The holidays can be an intensely emotional time. We start reminiscing on years’ past, and it makes us sad to think about those who are no longer here with us to continue the celebrations. Spend some time journaling about those holiday memories and honor the people that you grieve. Try shifting your perspective from grief to gratefulness. Recall what was so special about those moments with them and how they made you feel. Write about why you are grateful for that person and experience. Reflect on what has brought you joy, peace and happiness throughout the years, then intentionally share that energy with loved ones this holiday season.

  • Plan Ahead

Thinking and planning ahead will lead to less stress. Some of the most overwhelming moments of the holiday season come on the actual holidays or the nights before. Write a list of all the things you know you need to do, and start doing those things now. Pacing yourself helps you avoid last minute panics due to forgotten items or tasks. Budgeting is also a benefit of planning, which combats impulse buying at the store during the holidays.

  • Share The Load

Get over the Superwoman stigma of doing it all by yourself. Being in charge doesn’t mean bearing the workload alone. Call those members who always mention, “Call me if you need me.” Spend your holiday grocery budget on catering and skip the cooking. Go to the laundromat for wash and fold service so you only have to worry about putting the clothes away. Schedule a bi-weekly housekeeper for a few months so your home can stay clean while you are on the go and you can actually enjoy your holiday vacation.

  • Get It Online

Avoid the stress of holiday crowds with online shopping. Get all your holiday gifts shipped to your home, or get them delivered in a gift bag right to your loved one’s door. If you plan to cook, order your groceries through a delivery app and have them delivered to your home. Schedule all of your family’s styling and grooming appointments with online booking. If you plan to travel, book a vacation home online and find just the right location to make the holidays unforgettable.

  • Practice Self-Care

The holidays are usually a very selfless time when we shop to gift others. Once all is said and done, we realize we gave so much of our time and resources. It sometimes leads us to feel like we didn’t leave enough to take care of ourselves. Make it a point to add self[1]care into your plans and love yourself the same way that you love on others during the holidays. Schedule spa time, buy yourself a new fragrance or set of makeup brushes, have dinner delivered, go to brunch, plan a solo trip, invest in some stocks or professional development courses.

  • Live In The Moment

If you follow the aforementioned steps, you should have more free time and less stress during the holiday season. Use this time to rest, reflect on the year, plan for a successful 2022, and really be present to enjoy your family during the holiday season. Catch up with parents, siblings, nieces, nephews, and friends. Put the phones down and play some family games. Have a talent show or a dance contest. Find ways to laugh and be carefree with your loved ones. x Create new memories to cherish for years to come.

Marci Bryant, MBA is a Customer Experience Strategist, Digital Marketing Coach, and Amazon Best-Selling Author from Detroit, MI. Connect with her on Facebook, Twitter, Instagram, and LinkedIn at @marcibryantmba.

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