Holiday Glam & Glitz!

Most of the 2021 trends come from celebrities and influencers who are now taking the natural look to another bolder level with artistic and colorful eyes along with poppin’ lips! Try these tips out as you get ready for your holiday event:

  1. First! Check you out! Stand in that mirror phenomenal woman – no makeup – revel in how wonderful and resilient you are. There’s that smile and that sparkle in your eye. Natural makeup at its very best. You’re beautiful!
  2. Now, let’s add a little pizazz to those eyes! It’s the holidays and sparkling is on-trend. Use your finger to add some concealer or an eyeshadow primer all over the lid. Set the concealer or primer with a white or natural tone shadow (every palette has one). Take any blending brush to add definition to the outer corners in a color close to your undertone (peach, brown, or pink), or try grey, dark brown, or black for a smokey-eye look.
  3. Use your finger or a concealer brush to add a little glitter glue or more primer to cover the inner corners and onto the middle part of your lid.
  4. Use your finger or a concealer brush to add a little bit of shimmer eyeshadow or loose glitter to the area where you put the glitter glue or primer.
  5. Add a little brown or black liner to the lash and water line, if desired.
  6. Don’t forget those lashes. Use a volumizing mascara or add the lashes of your choice to complete the eye look!
  7. Define your brows with a brow pomade, pencil, or powder.
  8. Add the foundation or concealer of your choice to even out your skin tone in areas of hyperpigmentation and under the eyes.
  9. Now add your blush and/or bronzer to complete your base.
  10. For that already bright smile, there’s no limit when choosing your lip shade. If you love a natural lip, try a lip gloss with a little shimmer in it. If you’re more into bold lips, try a little shimmer/sparkle eyeshadow over your lip color applied with a brush or your finger.

And you’re ready, Queen! Get out there in that dress you bought for that party that got cancelled or shop for bright holiday colors that are sure to complement your make-up look and turn heads at any gathering. Shine bright this holiday season and let the love and gratitude you have in your heart shine through in the gift of your presence. Happy Holidays. x With over 15 years in the beauty industry, Rechelle Andrews has the skillset and an in-depth knowledge of products and makeup application techniques. She has made it her goal to help people realize their greatest potential and she wishes to inspire others in all aspects of beauty. Visit her website,, for services and more information.

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