7 Actions to Increase Your Value In The Market Place

By: Hadley Roy

Standing out in a competitive job market can be hard. But with perseverance – and a few quick tips – you can beat the applicant tracking system and be on your way to the job of your dreams!

  1. Learn LinkedIn

When searching for a new job, a good LinkedIn profile is key. Start by making sure all your profile information is complete, accurate, and well-composed. Be sure to include your areas of interest too and follow companies or topics you are passionate about. Once you have the basics covered, make your profile stand out by adding a stellar headshot, clicking “open to work” in your profile options (LinkedIn lets you control who can see this), and taking some skills quizzes to really make your profile shine! To stay at the top of mind for recruiters and potential co-workers alike, be sure to post or interact with the platform daily. Commenting on posts from people you admire can be a great way to get started!

  • Leverage Your Network

Once you’ve optimized your LinkedIn profile, start leveraging the network! Search for jobs at companies where you have connections and reach out to existing contacts to see if their companies are hiring. Quick tip to make leveraging your network easier: don’t start by asking about a role. Instead, start by asking more about the company and more about the department you are interested in. Once you’ve built a rapport your connections will be that much more likely to put in a good word! And a good word from an existing employee is a great way to get a conversation going with the recruiting team!

  • Customize Your Resume

No two jobs are alike, so you shouldn’t use the same resumé for every application. Customize your resumé for each role, being sure to highlight the appropriate skills. Applicant tracking systems are one of the biggest things standing between you and an interview – so be sure to use the same wording as the job posting to help the algorithm work in your favor.

  • Supplement Your Resume

Want to stand out even more? Consider adding a supplement to your resumé. That can be a stellar cover letter, an online portfolio (not just for artists and designers!), or a fun, numbers-based product like My Career Snapshot. When deciding what path to take in terms of supplemental documents, consider checking with people in your network in similar jobs and see what helped them get into their role and what they like to see for incoming applicants.

  • Start Small

Applying to big companies can feel overwhelming, so start small! Smaller companies and startups can be great places to look for work. Smaller organizations typically have less competition for each role and often eliminate the chance of your resumé getting lost in an algorithm-based applicant tracking system. Additionally, small companies can provide a much wider breadth of experience in each job, teaching employees the value of wearing many different hats!

  • Upskill

Want to grow your career? Learn new things! Upskilling is a critical skill in today’s competitive job market. Try Coursera, EdX, or LinkedIn Learning to teach yourself new professional skills. Many courses are free, and for a small fee, many can provide instructor feedback and certification at the end of the program. Skills gained from these courses can help expand your resume and make you truly stand out among the applicant pool!

  • Freelance First

Want to make a big career change, not just find a new role? Freelance first. Freelancing provides an opportunity to grow skills and get a diversity of experience in a new specialty, all before committing to a specific role and company. Platforms like UpWork make freelancing intuitive and easy, but your LinkedIn network is another great place to look for opportunities! You never know who might need a part-time bookkeeper or web designer!Hadley Roy is an Analytics Manager at Campbell Ewald, where she specializes in user experience optimization and creative analytics. She also runs @Just_Had_Tea on Instagram. Hadley lives with her husband, their 13 houseplants, and two sourdough starters in Southeast Michigan.

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