Beauty That Stands The Test of Time

I wish I could say that the fountain of youth actually exists, and I am about to tell you how to get to it…. but sadly I am not and it does not exist…or does it?
What if the key to maintaining beauty is within your power to at least influence if not control? What if I told you that aging doesn’t define whether or not a person is beautiful or not? And what if I told you that you are beautiful already – despite the gripping hold that time has on us all?

Before I can get into anything that society defines about how to maintain beauty, it must be said that our God-given and unique features (as they age) offer us all the beauty of experience, perseverance, and wisdom which can and does stand the test of time as long as you are comfortable with who you are and have inspired people around you in a way that makes them reflect on you as a beautiful person. You see, that’s different than just being or staying attractive over time. Beauty is deeper than attraction. It is, in fact, the beauty within that can touch the world around you and never diminish or be forgotten. That’s real beauty.
Now that I’ve gotten that out of the way, let’s get into some ways to maintain healthy skin over time.
As we age, we start to lose the naturally producing oils and elasticity in our skin. While this is normal and somewhat unavoidable, there are a few general ways to replace and maintain healthy skin over time.

  1. If you are reading this and are in your 20’s and 30’s – Develop some sort of skincare routine now. The key to healthy and youthful skin as you age is learning your skin and giving it what it needs to stay as youthful looking as possible before you hit your 40’s.
  2. SUNSCREEN – This is arguably the most reliable product you can use in making sure that your skin is protected from the sun which over time can harm your skin and cause you to age faster.
  3. Pay attention to what you eat and drink. Beauty is in fact “skin deep.” Drink water and replace the moisture in your body regularly.
    Here are some tips to try in your skincare routine that will give you a healthy and youthful glow at any age:
  4. Use fragrance-free products
  5. Double cleanse at night with an oil cleanser and then an AM and PM fragrance-free cleanser of your choice.
  6. Try adding Jojoba oil or Camellia oil into your routine at night as your moisturizer or after your moisturizer.
    You can work the following tips into your makeup routine to turn back the clock before your events and outings:
  7. Less is more. Focus on your skincare routine. Reduce the amount of makeup you use overall.
  8. Use a concealer in place of foundation very close to your skin tone. Only conceal where needed and blend out onto the rest of your face.
  9. Use a very small amount of foundation or concealer on the rest of your face avoiding your nose if you don’t need coverage there.
  10. Only use setting powder where needed to set where you may get oilier.
  11. Skip using black eyeliner on the lower lash area. Rather, use a brown shadow, a few shades darker than your skin tone on a small precision brush and lightly brush the shadow under your lash line. This will conceal fine lines and add definition without looking too harsh.
    Remember that everyone’s skin is different and it takes time to learn what your skin needs but it is worth it to research products and ingredients and/or seek professional help when necessary so that you can always feel your most confident at any age. You are so beautiful. Always know that.
    With over 15 years in the beauty industry, Rechelle Andrews has acquired the skills and in-depth knowledge of products and makeup application techniques. She has made it her goal to help people realize their greatest potential in beauty and YOU are her inspiration. For more information and/ or to schedule an appointment email Rechelle at
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