A Splash of Summer : Lean Into the Good Vibes

By: Jasmine Ball

Picture this: A bright blue sky, the sun kissing your dewy skin and a warm, gentle breeze making your hair dance in the wind. It’s a beautiful day out and a beautiful time of year. What better way to enjoy it other than dipping your feet in a pool of cool water, listening to the joys of summertime in the distance, thumbing through pages of a book you finally have a moment to read while the smell of sunscreen hits your nose.

Alas, it’s summertime! The season of warmth, optimism and joy that so many of us look forward to all year round. Some have been making an effort in the last few weeks in order to get “summertime fine”, and perhaps many more have been counting down to kickoff the cookouts and summer vacations we’ve been anticipating for months. This is the time of year that represents peak adventure, liberty and making fun memories with those we love most, usually in a new place, trying a new thing under the sun.

Yet, while we are leaning into the good vibes that summer brings, let’s also challenge ourselves to duplicate this same positive mindset and optimism year-round so that our everyday lives are met with a splash of what summer represents in an effort to help us strike a healthier balance of work and play. Here are a few ways to lean into the good vibes of summer year-round.

Embrace Fun

While it’s a good thing to be passionate about your career, and not necessarily a bad thing to be a workaholic, it’s equally important to be as intentional about play as you are about work. Now is the perfect time to step away from work and make time for play. But don’t just wait for the summer months or a holiday to do so. Schedule special time away from work throughout the year, and when you’re “off”, actually be off so you can step away from all responsibilities, regroup and fully recharge. Be intentional about enjoying the life you have today (now) before retirement.

Go Outdoors

One of the first things many of us look forward to doing in the summer is taking every opportunity to spend time outdoors! It’s been reported that people often have the best mental health during this time of year (likely due to a myriad of factors including longer days and increased vitamin D). Plus, according to the National Library of Medicine, sun exposure has a direct impact on our serotonin levels – the hormone associated with boosting mood and helping a person feel calm and focused. So get as much sun exposure as you can now (and year round) so you can see a boost in your overall mental health.

Nourish Yourself

How do you enjoy spending your time during moments of rest? In the summer is when many take the time to nourish themselves the most – whether that’s by going for more walks, swimming, reading a good book, sitting in front of a bonfire, taking a boat out on the lake, or splurging on extra spa services for example. Carve out time for relaxation, rejuvenation and rest daily, weekly, and monthly in order to illuminate yourself before you can illuminate the world.

A wise person once said, “If you line up enough good days, you could mess around and create a good LIFE.” Go out and embrace all that summer has to offer. Live in the moment, lean into the good vibes and carry that same optimism with you now and through the rest of the year.

Jasmine Ball is a wife, mom, award-winning journalist, and founder of BTM Writing Services. Throughout her career, she’s been helping companies all over the world get confidence over their content and grow their businesses. With God at the center, Jasmine’s life mission is to use her gift to connect people to resources that will help them live more informed, inspired, and overall better lives

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