Good Vibes Start with The Right Mindset

By: Stephanie Hancock

Mindset is the single most important thing each person needs to have control over in their lives. It can determine small and large decisions, interactions with others, success and how we recover from setbacks and failures. In other words, mindset greatly impacts both our personal and professional lives.

If you desire to embrace good vibes only, it starts with having the right mindset.

Dr. Peter Salerno’s The Belief Equation provides guidance on how to develop a mindset that will allow us to live the life we want.

Our thoughts combined with our feelings create the reality we want to experience. Utilizing our automatic processing system— the part of the brain that allows us to operate automatically without conscious thought or effort—we have the power to make the changes we want to see. Our thoughts and emotions are automatic. This powerful duo motivates our behaviors, including actions and reactions.

It is more than just thinking positively or embracing sayings like “fake it ‘til you make it”. Negative thoughts turn into limiting beliefs that foster in the mind. Imagine planting seeds, constantly watering and when those seeds take root, they begin to grow. That is what happens with negative thoughts and how easily they turn into beliefs.

The beautiful thing is that we each possess the power to change this cycle and solve the belief equation. This does not require that you trace the origins of negative thoughts. Instead, spend time solving the belief equation for yourself.

Here are five steps on how to get started now:

BE INTENTIONAL. Decide what you want and state that want in the present tense using positive words only. Using the present tense promotes the feeling as if it is happening now, not in the future. The best time for your wants is now.

USE THE POWER OF WORDS. Only use positive words to state what you want. Using elimination language (like don’t or won’t) or future projection language (like will, going to, or soon) will reinforce the opposite of what you want so avoid those words. Focus only on language that reinforces the now. Imagine feeling that it has already occurred. Absolutes like never and always are setups that will leave you feeling discouraged. Don’t wait until some other time to feel great about what you want.

MAKE IT PERSONAL. Create realistic thoughts that focus only on you. Don’t expect changes in others. You don’t need others to make changes in themselves for you to be successful. Don’t wait until some other time to feel great about what you want. The present time is the best time to connect your thoughts to feelings.

KEEP IT SIMPLE. There is power in simplicity so you’ll want to keep your thoughts simple. A simple expression is the most effective. Think like this: Plant the seeds and they will grow.

TAKE POWER OF YOUR THOUGHTS. Every thought creates a physical response in the body. What we believe will happen will happen. The more focused you are on a belief the sooner it will happen. Once the automatic processing system accepts a belief, that belief remains until it is overpowered by a new or different one.

Are you ready to ignite the good vibes and live the life you have always wanted? Thinking, feeling and believing that you can achieve what you want in life puts you on the path. Initially, this may be uncomfortable and you may revert to old thinking patterns because it is familiar. This is where your perseverance comes into play. Continue your progress and enjoy your journey!

Stephanie Hancock, MAIOP is the Owner of Career Rise, LLC which specializes in Professional Development. She is a Human Resources Professional, Certified DISC Consultant, Real Colors Facilitator, Certified John Maxwell Team Trainer, Speaker, and Coach.

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