Summer Ready: Here’s How to Master the Natural Look!

If you have been waiting all winter and spring for that fun and relaxing summer vacation in the tropics, now is the time to pack your skincare and makeup essentials!

This summer, I’ll be sharing some of my product must-haves to get you ready for the summer and master the natural ‘no-makeup’ look. Are you ready? Let’s go!

Ok, so here’s what you’ll want to be sure to include in your skincare and makeup travel bag. Also, remember to have your airport-approved and travel size minis handy if needed.

Now that you know what to pack, let’s make sure you understand the basics of how to apply them and why you might need these items in the first place. Skincare is essential year-round and especially when you are traveling. In the summer, most of us are likely to wear less makeup. That said, having a skincare routine that gives you a natural glow will help you to achieve looks that require little to no foundation products. Pay attention to how your skin behaves in the summer and give it what it needs. If you tend to be oilier when it gets warmer, a skincare routine that controls oil production will help to minimize clogged pores and breakouts. As always, sunscreen should always be on deck.

Makeup is a personal preference in the summer and especially on vacation. I’ve offered two scenarios to choose from depending on if you know you’ll be taking lots of selfies or if you are just having fun in the sun and can’t be bothered with makeup. Either way, you want to look your best!


For a natural look that requires just a few products you can get everything done with your fingers and a beauty sponge. However, I do recommend a foundation brush, blush brush, fluffy eyeshadow brush and an angled liner brush to achieve a more refined look. You can use concealer as your foundation just where you need it and a compact powder foundation or translucent powder to set and cut down on shine. A coral or light pink blush can be used above the cheekbones and on the eyelids to add color. Waterproof mascara and lashes along with your favorite lip product will complete your look.


Most of us are likely to walk out the door with a cleansed and moisturized face and call it a day. Just don’t forget your sunscreen and lip product. If you want to look a little more put together – use a brow pencil to fill in your brows and/or just a brow gel to shape them, throw on some lashes, and apply your lip gloss. You are ready for summer fun!

As always, I wish you the best time with family and friends, memorable vacations and relaxing moments for selfcare. For product recommendations or a free consultation, please don’t hesitate to reach out to me.With over 15 years in the beauty industry, Rechelle Andrews has acquired the skills and an indepth knowledge of products and makeup application techniques. She has made it her goal to help people realize their greatest potential in beauty and YOU are her inspiration. For more information and/or to schedule a free consultation, email

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