Style Ideas to Slay the Holidays

By: Asia Shamir Ferguson

The holiday season is the perfect time to reset and refocus your style to match the new version of you that’s heading into the new year. As we grow and evolve, our sense of style should also be changing – for the better of course! There are multiple ways we can experiment and elevate our style to slay the holidays. Use these tips to discover the latest fashion trends and learn how to wear them to work, holiday parties, and more! 

Let go of the old. Have you been trying to force your old style to align with your new identity? Accept the loss of your old self and embrace the new you! The most fun way to do it is through your style. I know you may hear holidays and think only seasonal colors and UGGs. But the holidays allow you to channel so much more. Take a minute to decide who you desire to be going forward and what she looks like. Allow yourself to be inspired from the media, runway, streetwear, and more. You can even take it a step forward by creating a mood board of inspired looks and ways you desire to express your sense of style going forward. 

Less is more. Monochromatic and minimalist trends have been dominating this winter. Sticking to the basics with your style isn’t as boring as it sounds. A simple neutral colored look for the holidays can channel a cozy, laid back vibe. Versus a monochromatic red look will give you a bold, festive touch. Whether it’s with basics, tailored business suits, or casual denim, going the toned-down cozy route is the best bet for an easy-going holiday season. 

Defy the norm and brighten it up! Maybe sticking to the basics just isn’t your style and you crave more elements to your look. When holiday style is mentioned, it’s often associated with dark, robust, and seasonal colors. The seasonal colors help with romanticizing the season; however, don’t be afraid to incorporate color blocking, for a festive touch. Whether it’s incorporating bright bags or shoes, adding bold colors to your look will romanticize your holidays even more. Stay versatile by adapting your style to the weather, not the season

Add your own flare. The details make the outfit! Create the outfit surrounded by the accessories to spice it up and a personal touch. The holidays are the best time to romanticize the cold weather with accessories and layering techniques. One of the most prominent fall trends is metallic. From handbags to coats, the trend is versatile. Adding a leather coat to any look instantly elevates it and channels chicness in fall and cozy weather. Whether it’s statement jewelry, oversized totes, or layering, adding a special touch to your outfits during holiday season elevates it beyond fall or winter. 

Layer your life away. What’s the key to a warm and stylish holiday outfit? The layers! The holidays are the time to reset all your beliefs about style, experiment, and have fun. Consider all the possible patterns, textures, and silhouettes you could pair together for warmth. The options are endless when you explore stockings, scarfs, coats, flannels, and cardigans. The best part is there are no rules to layering so you have complete freedom to channel any vibe you desire. The layered look is hard to ruin if you stay true to your style and have fun. Taking style inspiration can be daunting at first. The key is to enjoy yourself, take risks, and always add your personality. Monochromatic looks can be incorporated for any time and occasion. To romanticize holiday occasions, don’t be afraid to lean towards bold and bright colors in any criteria. Last, but not least, play with layering and statement pieces to add to the excitement of the season. While you’re slaying these holiday looks, don’t forget to incorporate that slay into the new year! 

x Asia Shamir Ferguson is a content creator, wardrobe stylist, and journalist based in Atlanta, GA. She is also a part of Generation-Z of fashion writers and micro influencers.

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