Creating A Love Affair with Work

BY: Jasmine Ball

Change Your Perspective If the honeymoon stage has ended and you’ve lost the steam you once had about your workplace, ask yourself why? Have you lost a passion for your career field or are your negative feelings due to the work culture, relationships with management, salary, or the role you’re playing, etc.? Pinpoint the reason you have lackluster thoughts about your work, then take action to change what’s within your power. And if you can’t change it, change your perspective and list 10 things you can feel grateful for so you can begin to get excited again. 

Stay True to Your Desires A major part of creating a love affair with your work is being honest with yourself about what it is you truly want to be doing. If you close your eyes, place your hands over your heart, and take some deep breaths, what feels good and like a “yes” to you? What feels uneasy and like a hard “no”? Your desires are yours and meant to be followed. So whether you desire to go back to school, change careers, get a raise, company hop, or stretch yourself in a new position, go for it! When you remain true to your desires, it’s easy to fall in love with whatever you do. You’ll know it’s right because you’ll lose track of time, are excited about learning, and want to always give it your very best. 

Walk in Alignment Once you start declaring what it is you want to do, especially to others, you might notice doors beginning to open or opportunities starting to present themselves. Say “yes” to more of what brings you closer to your desires and say “no” to the jobs that only burn you out and distract you from what it is you truly love. In other words, prioritize you! Put your action steps where your mouth is; and in the words of Nike “Just do it!” even if you’re afraid. 

Reset and Refocus Distance makes the heart grow fonder. Sometimes you have to take a break away from working in order to come back fully recharged and excited to get back to work. A real break. One without your work phone and emails. Only you know what helps you truly feel well rested. So whether you need to use your PTO to take a day or two off for yourself or if you need to plan a trip to the beach to recharge, that’s up to you! Step away from work for a moment to put as much effort into taking care of you as you do taking care of business. 

If you can find something you love, you’ll never work a day in your life. Hopefully these tips will help you fall in love with some aspect of your career, whether it’s the mission, the people, or the work itself. Good luck! 
Jasmine Ball is a wife, mom, award-winning journalist, and founder of BTM Writing Services. Throughout her career, she’s been helping companies all over the world get confidence over their content and grow their businesses. With God at the center, Jasmine’s life mission is to use her gift to connect people to resources that will help them live more informed, inspired, and overall better lives.

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