Winter Proof Your Skincare Routine


It’s that time of year again to assess your skincare regimen and make adjustments based on your skin type and condition. This is a step that really should be taken every season. However, this is especially true now in the colder, winter months. 

While it’s common to think skin will be dryer in the winter months, fun fact – your Ph can adjust up or down, which could result in oily skin in the winter too! Pay attention to how your skin responds to the colder months and make changes in products used if needed. As always, consult your dermatologist for any sensitivity that you need to consider when selecting skincare products.


 CLEANSING Some foaming cleansers tend to strip the skin of natural oils. A foaming oil or cream-based cleanser will offer nourishing properties that will keep your skin refreshed and insulated for the brisk and colder weather. In the morning, try cleansing with just water then applying your serum and moisturizer as normal. 

TONERS Try a Ph balancing toner with a milky or gel-like consistency. In the winter, it may be best to stay away from water-based astringents such as witch hazel to retain as much natural moisture as possible. 

SERUM The right serum can promote a healthy Ph balance in the skin which is key to long term results. I always do my research when it comes to selecting a serum as there are many options to choose from that serve different purposes. However, some ingredients to look for that have generally worked for all skin types are: Vitamin C, hyaluronic acid and/or niacinamide. These ingredients are present in anti-aging, pore reducing and hydrating formulas that may be beneficial to add to your regimen in the winter months. 

MOISTURIZERS I typically use two different moisturizers daily. In the morning, I use a lighter weight moisturizer mixed with sunscreen. And yes, sunscreen should be worn in all seasons! This can act as a primer under makeup or be worn alone for the look of healthy glowing skin. At night, I use a moisturizing balm. This will soothe and hydrate the skin while I sleep and give the skin extra protection against the drying effects of the colder months. The key is to have ingredients that support a healthy Ph balance. However, if you have combination or oily skin, you may choose to replace your moisturizer/serum options with a product especially made for oily skin in your favorite skincare brands. Remember to reset your routine seasonally as needed and refocus on the need to find balance in your skin care. By reflecting more consistently on healthy habits, I believe confidence and energy will keep showing up in amazing life fulfilling ways.

 x Rechelle Andrews is a career woman and skincare/makeup enthusiast and has been a contributor to the Career Mastered Magazine since 2018. Through her encouraging words and professional tips in makeup application, she hopes to inspire you to be your most beautiful self, inside and out. 

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