Find Your Joy! How to Live a Happier Life

Did you know? The words “joy” and “rejoice” appear in The Bible over 300 times. That’s more than enough to show that we all strive to live a life of happiness and joy. However, many of us could fall short if we’re not intentional about carving out moments to feel great pleasure. 

Abraham Lincoln once said, “Most people are just as happy as they make up their minds to be.” The saying proves true. Research shows that 40% of happiness is due to intentional activity. This means that you can plan your happiness by what you choose to do every day. 

That’s why today I’m sharing ideas on how to find your joy so you can live a happier life.

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Understand the two types of joy

According to the American Psychological Association, there are two types of joy: 

Passive Joy, which involves tranquility and a feeling of contentment with things as they are. 

Active Joy, which involves a desire to share one’s feelings with others. 

Both forms of joy are associated with an increase in energy and feelings of confidence and selfesteem. 

Find your spark

Different things bring joy to people, but the top things that people claim bring the most happiness are family and relationships, positive thinking, gratitude and the ability to forgive. Another study showed that socializing, exercise, and sex made people the happiest. Take a moment to consider where you can add more joy to your every day. Then choose two things to focus on starting TODAY. 

Appreciate the little things

When it comes to experiencing more overall joy, frequency beats intensity. Meaning that lots of little good things are shown to make you happier than a handful of big things. Finding joy every single day adds up more than one big event like a vacation or wedding. That’s very encouraging! You can become more joyful when you appreciate the little things like an intricate flower, petting a puppy, observing the sunrise, smelling the fresh coffee, or feeling the endorphin boost after a workout. 

Pencil in recurring happiness. 

If joy and happiness is the most important thing, we cannot fail to consistently include it in our calendar. Stanford professor Jennifer Aaker says, “it’s really that simple: the things that make you happy, do them more often.” 

Practice savoring. 

Finding joy more frequently includes employing a technique called savoring. It means appreciating the good moments. It’s what separates the happiest people from the average joe. Harvard professor Francesca Gino says, “including savoring in your daily rituals is powerful.” Having a morning coffee is an example of a ritual. Praying before a meal and paying attention to each sight, smell, and sound of your meal is a ritual that includes savoring. 

Be intentional. 

Joy is largely intentional. “If you want joy you must jump for it”, these are the lyrics to a children’s song that really do ring true! You play a huge role in how much joy is in your life. Start to savor everything more, be grateful, enjoy people, exercise (just do it!), and forgive quickly. 

x Jody Trierweiler, C.N.C is a Career Mastered Magazine Contributor, and health and fitness expert in Metro Detroit. You can learn more at @jodysfitlife on Instagram, or see her on Live In The D on WDIV-4 NBC Detroit sharing valuable information about improving your health.  

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