Power Play with Lisa J. Wicker, PhD

Dr.Lisa Wicker

Believe in Yourself: You are a unique, confident and interesting person! A Winner!

The great Muhammad Ali was a master at building himself up. Before a fight, he would announce to the world: “The bear will fall in five!” He proclaimed it, over and over. And, sure enough, the bear would fall exactly as Ali had convinced the world that he would.

You have the potential to be more than you can ever imagine because your present is not governed by your past. Whatever is old is just that—it’s yesterday’s waste. Believe in yourself! Learn who you are. Your greatness, your winning spirit, lies within, waiting to be released.

Growing a winning spirit begins with the right frame of thinking, which leads to right believing and, eventually, to right results. Wrong thinking and lack of confidence lead to stress, anxiety, worry, jealousy, comparison, and gossip.

You are more than enough, and you can win in all circumstances – regardless of and despite the obstacles. Allow your mind to think and know this every day. Allow your mind to release what no longer serves you. Accept the potential within and allow it to manifest.


  1. Examine your thoughts and shed those that are negative
  2. Get your mouth in line with the changes you desire to see in your life. Your words decide your future. Begin to talk positively, using the present tense. “I am healthy. I am happily married. I am successful.”
  3. Think like a winner on every level. “I an a winning secretary, a winning mother, a winning entrepreneur.”
  4. Be willing to make minor adjustments to align yourself to a winning spirit.
  5. Use what you have. The power to be great us within you. Allow yourself to accept and unwrap the gift of yourself.

 You have the potential to be more than you can ever imagine because your present is not governed by your past.





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