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What’s Trending

The Bath is Back in North America selfCare

Baths are moving back into the American mainstream as people embrace different forms of self-care. Celebrities are divulging routines that involve nightly milk baths to naturally exfoliate and soothe skin inflammation. Beauty influencers are touting the benefits of temperature variation—switching water from hot to cold to activate the lymphatic system—and sharing DIY recipes that incorporate everyday materials, like sea salt, into the soak. As a part of this shift to customized care, regular people are detailing their own bath time routines on social media, using it to show off their suds, their chill-out music picks, and their favorite products. As people continue to discuss their bath routines, “me time” is becoming an opportunity to connect. Source: Facebook Topics Report

beauty puff sleeves

Puff sleeves are at the top of popular Instagram feeds, worn by those who are influencers, including motivational speakers, activ- ists, models and actors. Many are just the latest in a long parade of women who brazenly wear clothes that invite attention. A simple dress is much more difficult to wear than one with ruffles, flowers and big sleeves, according to Carolina Herrera. Big sleeves are easy. And that’s why we’re embracing them now and — if history is any guide — probably forever. Source: Popsugar.com Short Sleeve Organza Puff Sleeve Top Available @boohoo.com

all things Digital

Digital Trends to track as we head into 2020 across Digital Marketing, Media and Commerce Voice technology will move beyond smart speakers and close in on visual search capabilities.

Google will remain the dominant search platform, but some consumers may shift to other platforms. Traditional TV services will lose customers to subscription video-on-demand services like Netflix and Hulu, causing advertisers to rethink their strategies. Direct-to-consumer (D2C) brands like Warby Parker and Glossier will maximize their online presence by introducing a traditional brick-and-mortar component. Privacy concerns will cause news outlets and social platforms to steer away from data targeting practices that won’t be well received by their audiences. Facebook’s user base will continue to dwindle, and advertisers may finally follow suit. Source: eMarketer Inc. 2019 Report


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