Moving Forward To Live Your Best Life

BY: Dr. Sabrina Jackson

As we near the end of what for many has been a year of devastation, disaster, and depression, we must take the time to gather ourselves to create the path forward. With the thought of moving forward, we are all on a road toward a new normal. With that in mind, let us examine elements that we as women need to understand as we move toward our career success.

DRIVING: We must understand that we are in the driver’s seat of our life, career, and choices. As the driver you must take control of your choices and most importantly your thoughts. You have the ability to change your direction, stay the course, or take a rest stop. Too often, we will allow what we see others doing to dictate what we do; however, you have no idea what is going on within their vehicle. You have control of your vehicle which includes your thoughts, words, physical and mental health.

DASHBOARD: Each of us have a dashboard which provides messages about the functioning of the vehicle. As we make our plans for the new year, we must pay attention to the messages. If we are stressed, depressed, anxious, feeling isolated. PAY ATTENTION. When the light flashes and remains on the dash…we seek help. Please know that it is OK to not be OK and it means to seek HELP.

DESTINATION: There is a song from the movie “Mahogany” with Diana Ross entitled, “Do You Know Where You Are Going To?” You must be intentional about moving forward. When you get into the vehicle you have a destination in mind. Ladies as you, move toward a new year, get your vision in order. Write It…Speak It…BELIEVE IT!!! You must have a vision for your career and because we are all facing a new world. Take time to develop a new vision. What we think is what we speak and what we speak is what we create. Get intentional about your destination.

DISTRACTIONS: When you are driving along the road to success, distractions can be serious. Think about the things that stop you from moving forward to making your career goals a reality. Yes, the Pandemic is a huge distraction, however there are still things you do have control over. Do the things that help you remain focused. Take a break from the News, shut off notifications on your phone. Take a break to rest. Stop talking with negative people. All can be a distraction from your destination!!

DON’T STARE: As we make the statement to leave 2020 in the rear- view mirror, we must understand the purpose of the rear-view. The rear view allows us to see where we have been. There are some lessons we have learned from the pandemic. The rear-view makes us aware of who and what is around us. Some people, places and things may not work with where we are going. The rear-view only gives us a partial view and we must be aware of the blind spots. There is a reason why the rear-view is smaller than the front window. Don’t stare at the past. Check — then LOOK AHEAD!

Dr. Sabrina Jackson, “The People Expert,” helps people with people, even if that person is themselves. As a speaker, TV/radio personality, author and life coach, Dr. Sabrina was featured in the movie Team Marriage on Amazon Prime. Follow her on Instagram @drsabrinaspeaks or online at

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