A Gift For any Season: Seasonal Wisdom From Dr.Dorinda Clark Cole

By: Dr. Sabrina Jackson

Now that we understand the four seasons that we all experience at various spaces and places during this life, now we must understand how being spiritually well is a gift in each. To gain a deeper understanding I reached out to Dr. Dorinda Clark-Cole, Grammy-award winning member of the legendary Clark Sisters, Elect- Lady within the International Church of God of Christ, and business owner of both a clothing collection and wig company.

Dr. Clark-Cole began her reflections of the topic with her definition of Spiritual Wellness, which is spending the time to restore yourself spiritually and then recovering from the things that have damaged us at our core. She went on to share that the effects of the pandemic have sent all of us in a space to experience a Season of Winter. The numerous losses, separation from friends and family, and many being ill with Covid. The spiritual wellness activity necessary to navigate this season is removing the mask and asking for help. One of the issues so many leaders have is NOT ASKING FOR HELP……it is a sign of strength to understand we can not navigate these seasons in life alone.

During the Season of Spring, it is exciting as a new beginning where opportunities and feelings of hope are great; however, according to Dr. Clark-Cole the spiritual wellness activity necessary for us is checking our friendships, environment, and home. In order for you to fully enjoy the benefits of this season we must be sensitive to where we are, see people for who they are not just we want them to be and lastly keep your home in order. She went on to share that as a wife of 44 years, communication is critical to keeping the home-life healthy. There are times when she has been traveling and must prioritize doing something with her husband that HE LIKES…That is wisdom.

During the Season of Summer there are signs of growth, a need for protection, and an abundance of distraction. For this season Dr. Clark-Cole spoke to the need to understand that you will have distractions and attractions. Too often the attraction can be so inviting yet designed to keep you from your goals and become Fatal Attractions. There are so many scams, cons, and things that seem too good to be true. There is a gift spiritually, when you can check your gut and follow that feeling that says no because you are not at peace.

During the Season of Fall there are successes, achievements, and failures. Dr. Clark-Cole shared the spiritual wellness activities that are necessary for maintaining an attitude of gratitude: start each day with communication with God, and walk in confidence. The thing about failures is that…. they are lessons learned. Your spiritual wellness is rooted in gaining wisdom from miss steps and even falling. Get up and try it again just differently.

The final message this Gospel Icon had for us is fully engaging in self-care. She takes vitamins, stays hydrated, exercises, and maintains a healthy diet.

“God is a Healer, yet we have a responsibility to do our part,” says Dr. Dorinda Clark-Cole.

Lastly, as we look at spiritual wellness being a gift, understand that there are several types of gifts and ways we can receive them. Some are information (books), experiences, or unique one-of-a-kind gifts. We are walking gifts for those around us…. You are Uniquely Crafted to Do What You Do like no other. Recognize the beauty in yourself and that we see in others. No matter what season you are in, it is a Gift to be alive Today…that is why it is called the Present!!!

Discover more about Dr. Dorinda Clark-Cole, Grammy-Award Winner of the Legendary Clark Sisters, The Rose of Gospel, Elect- Lady of the International Church of God in Christ, www.dorindaclarkcole.com Meet Dr. Sabrina Jackson, The People Expert, TV/Radio Personality, Author, and Life Coach at www.sabrinajackson.com

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