Power Play With Lisa J. Wicker, PhD

To achieve much in life, you must be willing to get busy, which means writing out an action plan and systematically delegating yourself to make it happen. This is more than talk. A lot of people talk about what they are going to do but rarely get around to making it happen. It is the effort, the hard work, that pays off in the long haul. Desiring better things is just the beginning. Attaining the dream requires action. It requires that you be purposeful in seeing the dream come true. Stop ignoring it. Develop a detailed plan of what you wish to accomplish and systematically go about the business of making it happen. The first step does not have to be akin to climbing Mt. Everest! It might be as simple as returning all of your voice mails, scheduling time to read a specific book, or merely exercising. Whatever excuse you’ve been hiding behind, decide today to commit to make it happen. Hard work, persistence, tenacity, initiative and commitment are still necessary for success. Don’t wait for someone else to do for you what you can do for yourself.

Internationally recognized HR executive, thought leader, author and career strategist, Dr. Lisa J. Lindsay Wicker shares contemporary relevant work life experiences and empowering principles with her clients as demonstrated in her books, The Winning Spirit, Power Play! and her latest release – Capacity: Women Shattering the Limits – NOW. With her dynamic approach to life and her signature style, she connects people across the world and finds her mission to be that of helping others to get the most out of their work lives and companies to create value. She is the founder/Chief Visionary of Career Mastered. Following prominent human resources careers with Fortune 500 Companies, Dr. Lisa established her Detroit, MI and Charlotte, NC firm, Linwick & Associates, LLC (LWA)

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Dr Lisa Wicker
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