How We Love Summer Fashion

Summer is considered the most social season and for good reason! It’s the time of year where days are longer and nights are warmer. The summer fosters a natural desire to want to connect with others, whenever possible. During the summer months, it’s not uncommon to have multiple personal or professional after-work activities planned Monday-Friday. One challenge of an overlapping calendar is ”How can I dress for work-to-play on the same day?” Below are tips to successfully pull together looks that that can go from AM to PM.

1.  Keep the MAIN THING, the MAIN THING. Looking polished and work-appropriate takes precedent over styles, specifically for after-work activities. Summer fashion includes lighter fabrics and often showing more skin. However, an outfit that is too sexy or too casual can come across as inappropriate in the work place. It is not okay to jeopardize aspects of your personal brand for an after-work summer calendar. Foundation pieces such as a Spanx, a bra, and a slip do not become optional items due to warmer weather. Continue to use your foundation items, all of them at the same time, if necessary! Just remember, when putting together a look for dual purpose within your work week, start with your work outfit as the base.

2.  Start with the END in mind. Begin with a work-appropriate outfit; however, keep in mind where you will end your day. It is possible to have it both ways. Color is a good way to lean into creating a mood or adding context to your after-work event. Think of wearing bright colors if meeting friends for a happy hour or an outside gathering. If it’s date night, opt for a darker color or a monochromatic outfit. Another consideration should be your silhouette. For example, choose a “one piece” style such as a dress or jumpsuit for an easy, unfussy PM activity. Fabric is also important when you need to transition a chic work appearance into an evening look. Denim is an effortless dress up or down fabric. Whether you choose dark jeans, white jeans, a denim dress, or a denim top, it is safe to say this fabric can certainly take you from AM to PM. Linen and lightweight twill are also good summer fabrics that can be found in various colors and polished silhouettes that will not compromise achieving your work-to-play in the same-day   goal.

3.More can become Less. This tip is extremely helpful if your after-hours activity is truly casual, or if beating the evening heat means the “barer the better.” Use a layered approach during the day. Go from covered to less using a blazer, cardigan, or vest. If shorts are needed in your after 5 outfit, simply wear a skirt to work which is easy to pull off and replace with shorts. Preplanning is important when applying this layering on and off concept. To be sure it works, before the morning of, test the outfit by trying it on. Remember keep the main thing, the main thing.

4. Don’t forget your ADD On’s. It is perfectly fine, in fact it is encouraged, to pack a few accessories, shoes, and even cosmetics that can be added or changed out in effort to tastefully transition your look. Elevate a minimalist style by adding layered accessories like rings, bracelets, and necklaces in single or mixed metal finishes (rose gold, silver, or gold, etc). Change from flats to heels or vice versa. A shoe change is simple yet major, as this decision can have positive or negative rippled effects on your whole day if not carefully considered. Change from a usual work nude lip to a bold color for an evening concert. After a long board meeting with dinner to follow, use your favorite beauty elixir, to refresh, and awaken your skin. The tips here can be applied every summer season. However, if you need to add a few work-to-play items to your closet this season, click the QR code below to gain access to my Summer 2022 curated “Must Have” styles for AM to PM.

Angianein Wallace is the CEO of 8th Reign Group, an Image and Style Consulting Agency. She is an image consultant, professional wardrobe stylist, creative director, and thought leader. Her agency is designed around the belief that “Style speaks louder than words” TM.

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