Success In Your Health: 5 Ways to Create a Consistent Fitness Habit

If you consider yourself to be “successful”, I challenge you to consider that if you don’t have a consistent fitness routine, are you truly successful?

In 2023, there is overwhelming evidence suggesting that exercise is necessary for everyone. According to the National Library of Medicine, the benefits are unequivocally proven to add longevity, lower disease risk (including cancer), mental health improvements, weight management, increased energy, improved cardiovascular health, improved brain health, blood sugar regulation, decreased stress, decreased risk of falls, promotes quality sleep, strengthens bones, reduces pain, improves skin, improves sex life, and many more!

If you currently have a regular exercise regimen, congratulations! You’re in the minority of only 28% of Americans meeting physical activity guidelines according to a 2022 study by the CDC. But if you don’t, stop reading this right now and ask yourself WHY. What are the reasons you aren’t committing to your health through exercise? Self-evaluate and be very honest. Rather than feeling guilt or condemnation, identify why you aren’t exercising on a regular basis.

Here are the top reasons (excuses) that people have for not exercising:

1. I don’t have time.

2. I’m too tired, not motivated.

3. I’m not overweight, so I don’t need to exercise.

4. I hate exercising.

5.I walk all day at work or chasing kids

Let’s explore each of these reasons further to uncover solutions to help you overcome them so you can have success in your health.


Life is busy for everyone. Our schedules are jam packed. However, the people that exercise regularly don’t wait for extra time to appear. They just decide if they prefer morning or evening, and then stick to it. 20 minutes in the morning can be done at home with a bit of research and little equipment. 20 minutes in the evening can be a great family activity that involves everyone. Try bike riding with some pushups and walking lunges at the end or a game of family basketball.

I’M TOO TIRED, NOT MOTIVATED. Here’s a secret. Many people actually workout even though they’re tired. It’s called discipline – doing something you may not want to do because you’re committed to it. When it comes to exercise, it’s time to act like a grown up and “eat your vegetables” even though you may not like it because it’s good for your health.

I’M NOT OVERWEIGHT, SO I DON’T NEED TO EXERCISE. We all want to look our best, and exercise is one way we can maintain a healthy weight. But the benefits of exercise for your overall health are proven undoubtedly and that’s why you need to do it. Heart disease is the #1 killer of Americans (according to the CDC), and exercise can help us fight that battle.


As a trainer, I love hearing this. That just means that you haven’t found your “thing”. We all have a “thing” that wakes us and stirs up our excitement and adrenaline. Your new goal should be to keep trying new activities until you find what wakes you up inside: dancing, swimming, hockey, lifting weights, jump rope, rock climbing, etc. Invite a friend and begin your quest until you find what you look forward to doing!


Walking is a form of movement, but is it classified as exercise? It depends on your current fitness level and how fast you walk. A leisurely pace won’t cut it. In order for walking to be a truly beneficial exercise, you need to be on the cusp of breathlessness for at least 20 minutes.

Adults should spend at least 150 minutes per week doing aerobic activity at a moderate intensity, and at least 2 days per week doing muscle-strengthening activity like lifting weights, according to the Department of Health and Human Services

Jody Trierweiler, CNC is a certified nutritional coach and consultant. She is the Health and Fitness Expert for WDIV Local 4 Detroit tv show “Live In The D”, teaches fitness classes and is a corporate presenter. Learn more at or find her on social media @jodysfitlife.

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