Hey Queen: It’s Your Business, Time to Make Your Move!

Let’s face it. We’re in a post-pandemic recession with inflation on nearly everything but our salaries. Some of us work multiple jobs just to keep up with all of our current financial responsibilities, while nervously depending on stocks and retirement plans to secure our future.

We dream of a day when we can get paid exactly what we want to do the work we love with the clients we choose at whatever time works best for us — without worrying that someone else has the ability to come and snatch it all away from us.

But what if that dream life was closer than you think?Skilled professionals are creating multiple streams of income by freelancing, consulting, and coaching. If you’re a skilled professional that’s ready to step out and make your move as a business owner, you should know that the secret to scaling is building a system to automate your processes so that you can consistently deliver high-quality customer experiences.

In this chat with Melanie Oates, founder of Melden Tech, you will learn exactly what systems you need to focus on to build a strong foundation for a business that makes you money while you sleep. Melden Tech focuses on streamlining systems and helping servicebased coaches grow to the six figure mark and beyond by building backend CRM systems and developing business process maps.

Career Mastered: How do systems support business growth?

Melanie: In order for you to grow, you need to have a system in place that helps you develop and automate the process of how people do business with you. What should happen if somebody wants to work with you? What does it look like when the work between you and your client is completed? What’s your process for getting reviews? How are you going to understand your churn rate? How can you decide the number of customers you need to reach X amount of dollars? If you don’t have systems in place, you won’t be able to answer any of those questions with confidence. You’re going to be making decisions blindly, and that’s going to do your business and your clients a huge disservice. Without a system in place, you will have a hard time understanding what you need to do to grow.

Career Mastered: What type of business processes are essential for business growth?

Melanie: Lead generation, onboarding, and offboarding processes are necessary to build the foundation of an automated workflow that helps you scale.

Career Mastered: What do you recommend to clients who don’t have their business processes in order?

Melanie: I always recommend that they get started by documenting what they’re doing. You need to focus on your most impactful service and write down or record every step of working with your customer to deliver your desired result. Even if it’s jumbled together, that helps your system strategist really identify where the gaps are in the way that your business functions.

Career Mastered: What are some of the things that business owners need to have figured out before they hire a system strategist?

Melanie: Before you even try to build a system, you need to know your business. Who is your target audience? How are you positioned in the industry? What’s your marketing strategy? What’s your budget to acquire customers? You need to have these things in place because your system will be wasted money if no one ever gets into your sales pipeline.

Career Mastered: What advice do you have for someone who is undecided about utilizing their skills to create a service-based business?

Melanie: Give yourself permission to soar. We’re in the day and age where people are really honing in on their gifts and their intellectual property to create life-changing income and impact. Just do it! Learn more at meldentech.com or connect with Melanie Oates on LinkedIn: linkedin.com/in/ melanieoates/x


Marci Bryant, MBA is the CEO of SYNC Digital Agency and a HubSpot Certified B2B Strategist focused on aligning marketing, sales, and service teams to improve the customer experience and generate more revenue. Connect with Marci on LinkedIn: linkedin.com/in/marcibryantmba. Learn more about SYNC Digital Agency at syncdigitalagency.com

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