Letter From the Publisher: Secrets to Business Success

Before it was fashionable to have a side-hustle while working a
9 to 5 corporate gig, I opened my first entrepreneurial business in 1990. I’ve always had
an entrepreneurial mindset and a desire to use my full capacity (title of my most recent
award-winning book). Since that time, I’ve gone on to successfully master my corporate
career to retirement and become a serial entrepreneur.

Research shows that Black women have been forward-thinking entrepreneurs who have repeatedly changed the course of history and are the fastest-growing group of entrepreneurs. Yet, the lack of resources makes their entrepreneurship journey challenging. There’s more work to do here.

The Small Business Administration says for the past two decades, women-owned businesses are growing at twice the rate of all other businesses with 10.1 million women-owned businesses employing 13 million Americans and generating $1.9 trillion in annual revenues in 2008 alone.

At Career Mastered Magazine, we want to recognize, celebrate, and honor entrepreneurial women. In our first annual Top Entrepreneurial Women to Watch Issue, we showcase the accomplished, ambitious, inspirational, and successfully intriguing women in various industries.

Between quarterly issues, we keep you informed through the Career Mastered website and our bimonthly newsletter. There we update you with career stories, photos, events and more.

 Be sure to stay tuned as we prepare for our 10th Anniversary celebration of the Career Mastered Summit & Awards which will be held in Detroit, Michigan in 2024.

Have a great Fall Season!

Lisa J Wicker, Publisher

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