Rise Up: Women Entrepreneurs Come Together In Solidarity

By: Robin M Wilson

If there was ever a time in history where women are on the rise, the time is now. Still, there is a need for access to adequate professional resources and mentorship for women business leaders. In July, Career Mastered Women’s Leadership Network launched Affinity Groups to further foster collaboration, networking, and to build synergy among women professionals globally.

Velita A. Faulk, who has more than 28 years of corporate and business experience, was recently appointed to co-lead Career Mastered’s Affinity Groups, which she oversees with business leader Dr. Miranda Hill Jones. Lendell McEwen is the Career Mastered Membership Director.

“It’s [entrepreneurship] in my blood,” Faulk said. “My father was a police officer, but he always owned property and had side businesses.”

As the owner of Gateway Notary Development Services, a company providing training for Michigan notaries, Faulk says her entrepreneurial journey started when she and her husband decided to turn their love of ballroom dancing into a business.

“I teach ballroom dancing with my husband and that is the way that we got entrepreneurship. We opened a boutique venue,” said Faulk “and were one of the first to do it in Michigan.

When the COVID-19 pandemic took front stage, Faulk had to close her business. “We were really sad about having to close our studio because we practiced dance there and taught dance classes there,” said Faulk. However, this step led to the opportunity for her to open a notary service and she has not looked back. “I’m not one to sit still. So I started my notary business. I also teach notary basics for Michigan notaries.”

Miranda Hill Jones

Now, she is joining forces with other women business leaders to share the lessons that she has learned along her entrepreneurial journey. Within the Career Mastered Affinity Groups, Faulk’s goal is to empower and uplift other business women who are at different stages in their careers.

“My vision is to bring ladies together for classes and workshops so that they can have an avenue for engaging in ways that contribute to their growth.” As women embark on their entrepreneurial journey, one of the challenges that many women business leaders face is accessing mentorship resources and information to effectively scale their businesses. “We, as women, tend to try to wear every hat and that’s not a smart way to work. We end up spending time on things that are really slowing down our progress.”

Lendell Mecewen

In an effort to support women business leaders to consistently gain traction in their respective careers, Career Mastered Affinity Groups will meet virtually monthly and in-person quarterly to network, share professional resources, and to engage in conversations that promote understanding and growth. The groups are open to members of the Career Mastered Women’s Leadership Network. Women executives can be invited as a guest to learn from like-minded women industry leaders, and there are opportunities to serve as ambassadors . To learn more about the Affinity groups, visit www.careermastered.com.

Robin Michelle Wilson is a published children’s author, greeting card designer, keynote speaker, business leader, and a certified teacher. Robin is the owner of Robin Wilson Educational Consulting LLC and Heritage Home and Garden LLC. She actively serves on the Board of Directors for ARISE Detroit

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