Cultivating A Powerful Presence

Many people consider executive presence a nebulous skill. It is a superpower you can spot in the blink of an eye, yet grapple for the right words to describe its essence. Some go so far as to say you either have executive presence or you do not. Who’s got it right? The truth is, like many success attributes, executive presence can be developed and mastered over time. Perfecting your executive presence is a worthwhile goal. Presence is not only how you show up when you enter a room, it’s how you interact with and impact others. It’s your influence. The more you hone this skill, the more powerful you become in connection to others. 

Following are three ways to cultivate a powerful presence. 

Say Affirmations and Practice Power Poses Daily. 

Your relationship with you is an integral aspect of executive presence. The greater your self-esteem and efficacy, the more positive and powerful you are in essence. Presence begins as a seed on the inside that flourishes into your ultimate greatness when you channel it effectively. 

Build yourself up by reciting a few affirmations daily. Examples of affirmations are: I am powerful. I am influential. I am confident. Another positivity technique is to stand in front of a mirror and strike a powerful pose for one minute. This can be standing with your fists above your head or even with your chest poked out while your arms hang at your sides. Whichever helps you feel victorious and invincible … that’s the one for you. 

When you recite affirmations or practice power poses, you are sending signals to yourself of your greatness. The more consistently you transmit these signals, the faster they become your new state of mind and reality. 

Work With Fashion and Beauty Consultants. Wearing clothes in colors and styles that accentuate your authentic beauty builds confidence. It also communicates your inner power to those around you. A meeting with an image consultant or a personal shopper can put you on the right track to enhancing your wardrobe. There are also several online shopping services offering convenient ways to style yourself in the latest fashions. Beauty consultants can assist with makeup tips and hairstyles. Your features are uniquely you. Understanding how to highlight your face, lips, cheekbones and eyes helps present your best self. Learning simple beauty techniques that you can incorporate everyday will also boost your confidence. Taking classes offered by local makeup artists or watching videos on YouTube are a few approaches you can consider to learn how to apply makeup and cultivate a powerful presence.

 Explode With Gravitas and Grit. This final strategy is about exercising your authority and using your voice. Gravitas and grit are behaviors that others see and associate with your executive presence. Take yourself seriously and others will too. When you speak, be full of command and confidence. Make sure that you are holding your head up and making eye contact with others. Be graceful. Be dignified. Be on point. Convey with your words that you can be firm when the situation calls for it. Demonstrate that you are decisive. Allow your passion to keep you connected with your values, your north star. But also notice when you need to connect, relate and empathize with others for maximum impact. Take note of the temperature in the room and how it’s affecting you. Adjust accordingly, even if it means putting the conversation on hold. This is how you guard your presence and grow your powerful reputation. Now, you are ready to take the next step in cultivating your powerful presence. Pick one of these ideas to implement today. 

x Evelyn Summerville is an executive, leadership and life coach. She harnesses the experiences and lessons learned during her time as Director of Marketing Research & Analysis for a Fortune 500 firm to support leaders in fast tracking their success. In doing so, Evelyn empowers people to live and lead with purpose, passion and excellence

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