Reset and Refocus: Embrace A New Season of Success

By: Jasmine Ball

We’ve all been here: Riding the wave of momentum, excelling to new heights in your career, and then for whatever reason you enter a season of transition and worry and wonder. 

It’s like all of a sudden life starts life-ing, and maybe you feel as if you’re being called to reset, refocus, and embrace a new season of success. 

We had the opportunity to chat with news anchor, author, public speaker, wife, and mom — Molly Grantham — who is no stranger to having to refocus and embrace a new season in both her professional or personal life. She shared some of the challenges she often faces juggling being a mom of multiples and having a very public, successful career… and how she manages it all. 

Hear about some of the lessons she’s learned resetting and refocusing from being a career woman to a working mom in her newest book, “Practice Makes… Progress“. Hopefully some of the advice shared is able to help you embrace a new season of change and success.

GETTING IT ALL DONE Molly Grantham’s career in TV spans across 20 years and has since landed her four Emmy wins, a Tedx Talk, and over 200,000 followers on social media to name a few. However, when Molly’s not delivering the news or empowering women and corporate groups through speaking gigs around the nation, she’s busy juggling life as a mom of three — a hat Molly’s learned to embrace in a new season of her success. 

“I work at night so I miss some of my kids’ things. I don’t get to every volleyball game, but I get to all of the soccer games,” said Molly

Molly unsubscribes from the notion that you have to strike a balance with work and life because she’s found that you can never truly give each area 50% of your time, energy, and effort. Instead, she focuses on helping others learn how to become better jugglers — meaning they know how to prioritize what’s in front of them right now and also have permission to sometimes “drop the ball,” figure things out, and change. 

“I think ‘balance’ is a crap word. I never say balance. I say juggling… I realized with juggling it gives you permission to drop a ball and pick it back up later in different seasons of life,” said Molly. “I realized that if you juggle rather than try to make it all perfect, it’s better.“ 


 A few years ago, Molly began chronicling her journey as a working mom by writing and publishing three books documenting “the off-camera life of an on-camera mom.” Her books “Small Victories” (2017) and “The Juggle is Real” (2020) have sold over 20,000 copies worldwide. Her newest and final book in this 3-part series “Practice Makes…Progress” just hit stores in October. 

In the series, she doubles down on the need to stop striving for perfection and instead focus on progress. 

“This book is a mission to anyone, in any walk of life, to focus on PROGRESS. Just keep going. Woman or not. Parent or not. We’ve been taught wrong. Practice doesn’t make perfect. Practice Makes… Progress. Some days are just days. Keep going, keep going. Be great in small ways and you’ll get there,” says Molly. 

It’s often believed that success is linear; but that’s just not the case. Success is full of twists and turns, moments of pause and delay, and even failure. On the journey to success you may have to constantly adapt to changes that require you to visualize a new version of yourself and ultimately think differently, act differently, or live differently. 

“When it’s time for a reset, you just know. My best advice is You have it all by not having it all, by letting yourself be imperfect. The name of the new book is called Practice Makes… Progress because I think we’ve been taught wrong, especially women. We think things need to be perfect. Very little is perfect. And if you let yourself mess up and find magic in the mess, it is so much better.” 

If ever you’re challenged with change and need to reset and refocus, lean in and embrace wherever you are so you can kickstart a new season of success. 

To purchase a copy of “Practice Makes…Progress” or to book Molly for keynote speaking, visit 

x Jasmine Ball is a wife, mom, award-winning journalist, and founder of BTM Writing Services. Throughout her career, she’s been helping companies all over the world get confidence over their content and grow their businesses. With God at the center, Jasmine’s life mission is to use her gift to connect people to resources that will help them live more informed, inspired, and overall better lives.

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