Simple Ways To Be An Ally In the Workplace

By: Kayvonna K. Stigall

As women continue to change the narrative and become recognized partners in the business world, it’s essential to keep the momentum going in order for it to stay that way! This is a call to action to keep women relevant in all facets of today’s decisions. Here are several ways to support, empower and be an ally for women in the workplace. 

LISTEN ACTIVELY Actively listening to women and their ideas and input is a great way to be supportive in the workplace. Many times people listen to respond. Instead, count the feedback you receive from women as important information. Listening to gain understanding and acceptance of someone else’s views and opinions is an important skill. It can open up doors of new opportunities, which can lead to business growth. Women have a lot to say and contribute to the betterment of the workplace just as their male counterparts. The workplace is a great space to remind everyone of that and support the process. 

CREATE A SAFE SPACE Another way is to be an ally for women in the workplace is to speak up for them and allow them to speak up for themselves. If there isn’t already a platform available for this, creating one will make the difference! It doesn’t have to be an additional space, but rather an equal opportunity to “take the floor” and be heard. Making sure that the environment is inclusive and fosters new voices and opinions is key to empowering women not only to speak up, but to know that when they do speak up they will be heard. 

SUPPORT FAIR GROWTH OPPORTUNITIES Support fair career growth opportunities for women within your company. Statistically “for every hundred men hired or promoted to a higher position, only 72 women are promoted and hired for the same role” according to a study done by Women in the Workplace. Supporting fair growth opportunities shows women that they are not only wanted in the workplace, but they are also valued. Doing so will benefit the company as a whole and shine a light on the positive company culture. 

APPLAUD CONTRIBUTIONS Celebrating women’s accomplishments and contributions in the workplace can build up the work culture and promote healthy relationships and collaborations. When a person feels like their work and input matters, it’s more likely that they will continue to do it and do it well. Empowering women by acknowledging when they are doing a great job will help to build confidence and company loyalty. 

BECOME A FOREVER STUDENT Education is powerful and always a door to learning something new. Learning about women in the workplace will help establish understanding of them and assist with being a better ally to them and colleague. Empowering women to go forward in the workplace to be the best version of themselves can only bring about great possibilities and growth. Being supported and valued will always be a way to bring unity and inclusion to any environment. Women are valuable assets in the workplace, let’s make sure they feel like a supported member of that space. 
Kayvonna K. Stigall is a published author, freelance writer, and poet from River Rouge,Michigan. Instagram: @riseaboveclouds

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