Fun Winter Activities to Try This Year!

By Hadley Roy H.

Winter is an exciting time! With the weather getting colder, there’s a bounty of fun and unique pastimes to explore. Whether you live in a temperate or four-season climate, there’s bound to be a new activity to discover; and if you are looking for ideas, here are nine to get you started! 


1 SNOWSHOEING With a slower pace than flashy downhill skiing, snowshoeing is a fun outdoor activity for people of all ages and all fitness levels. Snowshoe rentals are readily available both around ski resorts and at state parks throughout the country. Snowshoeing provides great opportunities for bird watching and spotting local wildlife during your adventure. 

2 LOUGE If you want an adrenaline rush, put Muskegon, Michigan on your winter must-visit list. Muskegon is home to the country’s only public-access louge track. Louge involves sliding down an oftensteep, always icy track and provides a huge thrill for participants! 

3 ICE FISHING Ice fishing is a fun way to connect with nature and maybe even catch your dinner! In colder climates, ice fishing is easily accessible and a great way to get outside. To get started, you’ll need to find a safe body of water to fish in, an auger and a fishing pole. Be sure to check with experts on how thick and secure the ice is for fishing. Bring cozy snacks and lots of hand-warmers, it can get chilly! 


1 BAKE SOURDOUGH BREAD Maybe you live in a warmer climate where winter sports aren’t an option or maybe you just like to stay near your central heating. If that’s the case, consider learning to bake sourdough bread for a unique winter activity. King Arthur Baking provides a multitude of resources for new bakers, including both instructions for making your own sourdough starter or an option to purchase one. 

2 BUILD THE PERFECT WOOD FIRE Many of our homes have unused wood-burning fireplaces. To make this winter extra cozy, consider learning to build the perfect wood fire. First have your chimney cleaned and inspected by a professional (safety is critical!). Then experiment with different types of wood, varieties of fire starters, and arrangements of logs to find the perfect combination for your needs. There’s even options to make your fire burn different colors! 

3 MAKE DIY HOLIDAY DECORATIONS There’s plenty of holiday decorations available off the shelf, but nothing beats the satisfaction of making them yourself. For an easy project, consider clove-studded oranges or if you want something more ambitious, try making a wreath or learning to needle-felt a cheerful holiday gnome. 


1 VISIT A DICKENS FESTIVAL Want to get social? Check out your local news outlets for a Dickens festival and go enjoy the holiday season with costumed carolers and seasonal treats. In Michigan, there’s the Holly Dickens Festival, which runs from late November to mid-December with free admission. All the fun of a Renaissance Faire, but with snow! 

2 EXPLORE MULTICULTURAL HOLIDAY CELEBRATIONS Holidays are a big part of the winter season here in the United States. Consider visiting local churches or synagogues for holiday services or finding a local gallery or museum featuring multicultural holiday art. For Michigan residents, there’s the yearly holiday tree and decoration display at Meijer Gardens in Grand Rapids, which features decor from around the globe. 

3 VISIT AN ICE CARVING FESTIVAL If you live in a climate where it’s routinely below freezing, consider visiting an ice or snow carving festival. Artists may build big sculptures or small, but their skill is sure to impress and delight. 

x Hadley Roy H. is an Analytics Manager at Campbell Ewald, where she specializes in user experience optimization and creative analytics. She also runs @Just_ Had_Tea on Instagram. Hadley lives with her husband, their 13 houseplants, and two sourdough starters in Southeast Michigan. 

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