Before You Quit: Master These 10 Characteristics of Successful Entrepreneurs

The great resignation is here! According to the U.S. Department of Labor, nearly 4 million people in the United States have voluntarily quit their jobs in April 2021, the highest on record. The pandemic has prompted many to question how their time is spent, what’s their top priority, and who is most important. Perhaps the biggest revelation is valuing your mental health over the money you earn. In fact, people are taking the plunge into entrepreneurship because it can offer higher pay, better working conditions, and purpose fulfillment.

However, entrepreneurship is not as easy as you think. Even with the boost from social media, before you quit your job, make sure to hone in on these characteristics of successful entrepreneurs:


An entrepreneur is often her own motivator. When everyone has left your side, it’s so easy to look back at your previous life and the consistent paycheck. That’s why you must be motivated to keep going.


That motivation will also pair with persistence. When you’re pursuing customers and knocking on doors for partnerships, the word no seems to constantly raise its ugly head. You must be persistent if you want your dream to come to life. Remember, there is only plan A. Plan B and C will give you a way out. If you don’t have a way out, then come hell or high water, Plan A will work!


If you are passionate about your initiative, then you believe in it. No one will ever be as passionate as you are about your dream. Move forward with that passion. It’ll be the reason you constantly look back as to why this journey is so important to you.


 An entrepreneur’s journey is never a straight line. As the turns, hills, and falls take you by surprise, be flexible on the journey. There are many paths to reach a destination. If the first path sends you on a detour, that’s okay. Manage that detour and come back better than ever.


Stories not only sell, but they pull at the heartstrings of others to impart the full vision. Whether you’re selling the dream to an investor, potential employee, or customer, make the story impactful.


 An entrepreneur cannot sustain being the CEO, Operations Manager, Marketing Specialist, Financial Analyst, and Humans Resources Associate. You must delegate. As the visionary, the entrepreneur often likes to hang on to everything, but your business will only flourish when you concentrate on what you do best and delegate the rest.


 Your life follows your words, so remain optimistic on your journey. Speak positively, and positive things will occur. Also, don’t allow others to speak negatively to you. A positive attitude goes a long way when you‘re pursuing a new business.


Have you ever heard that it’s never been done before? Or you must do it like this? An entrepreneur challenges the status quo. Risks can be calculated, and they also can be impromptu. The wise entrepreneur understands that too much of either can leave you out of business. The right recipe is key.


Goals are the foundation steps of your journey. How will you know if you’ve ‘made it’ without understanding how to get there? Entrepreneurs consistently create and achieve goals. Goals can be monthly, quarterly, and/or annually.


Entrepreneurs surround themselves with great company. They meet consistently with minds that are smarter than theirs to increase their level of drive, performance, and wisdom. If you’re the smartest one in the room, you need a new circle.

While many choose to wallow in self-pity when life doesn’t deal them a full deck of cards, Candice Crear chose to convert her life into a greater purpose. She is an entrepreneur who works diligently to pour back into her community as the founder of From Fatherless to Fearless®, a nonprofit organization helping fatherless women heal. For more information about Candice Crear, visit

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