Self-Healing To Dissolve Anxiety: Ways To Accelerate Your Entrepreneurship

BY: Grace Chang

While entrepreneurship may be new to some, it is a profession as old as time. There is an ancient science that allows us to harness an innate ability to deal with any circumstance in life…even a tough day building your empire. Think of this as ‘self-care for the Entrepreneur’s soul.’

Honestly, how many days have you spent trying to keep your head above water? Using your emotions productively instead of letting anxiety overwhelm you, can successfully shift any emotion. News flash – you have a power within you, right now, to regulate your internal environment. Here are three keys to free yourself from the dread and isolation that entrepreneurship can sometimes create.

I. Conscious breath is king of the mind. When you control the breath, you control the mind. When you control the mind, you control your life and business. Conscious rhythmic breath controls our bio-rhythm, and as a result can control our thoughts.

Self-Healing technique: Begin by slowing the breath rate to four breaths per minute, using the “Triangle Breath”. Take a deep inhale through the nose for five seconds, hold the breath for five seconds, and exhale through the nose for five seconds. This is like signaling the thought to your brain “I’m in a safe space.” Repeat this breath pattern for a minimum of three minutes. You should notice a decrease in the number of thoughts you have and your body relaxes as a result. When you can consciously shift our internal environment, we change how we feel.

II. Vocalizing sounds in different parts of the body is a powerful, quick way to find calm.

Self-Healing technique: Humming an internal “OM” literally relaxes your nerves. Begin with an inhale through your nose, then hum “OM” to vibrate the center of your head and nose. Repeat this six times. Notice how you feel. When you can incorporate simple subtle breath and sound tools to dissolve pockets of stress and anxiety, you increase your capacity to stay strong, centered and effective.

III. Use hand postures to generate different circuits to shift your electromagnetic field. This quick and easy way promotes relaxation and harnesses the mind.

Self-Healing technique: Hold your palms about 8 – 12 inches apart in front of your solar plexus. This pose locks the mind and slows down destructive thought patterns.

Our power to heal from within lies in consciously using specific rhythmic breath patterns, sounds, and micro movements that foster our social engagement safety system. Nurturing ourselves from the inside[1]out allows us to calmly navigate life and business while remaining neutral and unperturbed, keeping us productive and connected without being triggered into fight, flight or freeze.

Yes, you can be busy building your enterprise and create time in your calendar to master your emotions. Incorporating these three techniques can improve your capacity to control what you can in life and augment your efficiency as an entrepreneur. You may find these tips incredibly helpful when you sense massive change…such as launching a second business or rebranding. Give yourself the advantage by healing from within, eliminating anxiety and being well equipped to accelerate productivity while bringing positive impact.

Plus, when we’ve experienced healing we add tremendous value to those we conduct business with. As we remain calm under pressure, we can show others how to attain this same level of freedom from anxiety. When we collectively practice these self[1]healing techniques that dissolve anxiety, we can be the strong link that positively influences and supports others around us.

Grace Chang comes from a background of conventional nursing and alternative healing, her main focus is validating the potency of modalities through independent research.

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