The Concept of Beauty Inside + Out

When you look in the mirror at night after removing makeup and taking off your wig, putting your hair up or slipping on a bonnet – what do you think about her? Are you best friends with her? Do you judge her imperfections or celebrate her uniqueness? Do you compare her to others or applaud her for setting the standard?

If we are honest with ourselves, many of us can’t help but think a combination of these thoughts when we are left to ourselves. And that’s okay. However, when all is said and done, it’s best to land in a place where you allow yourself to think thoughts of growth and improvement only if it supports what is best for your overall well-being.

When you balance improvement-thoughts with the power of acceptance, you ultimately give yourself the grace to be and do what makes you happy and feel beautiful.

The concept of beauty has evolved, like everything else, over the years… especially from the perceptions introduced by the media and society. Several questions come to mind when thinking about beauty past and present. Like, what is the true definition of beauty? What constitutes the beauty within versus outer beauty? How does one’s internal perception of beauty measure up to what’s seen as beautiful?

With these questions in mind, I offer my thoughts. Not to sway any opinion, but rather to help you open your mind to a different perspective.


Hey, Siri! Define beauty. “A combination of qualities such as shape, color or form that pleases the aesthetic senses, especially sight.”

Hey, Media! Define beauty.

1980’s – A person with an athletic build who was lean, strong, and toned. Women who had an hourglass figure and toned legs, arms, and stomach were celebrated.

1990’s – The beauty ideal were women who were thin, pale and young-looking. Big breasts started to be popular, and breast augmentation rates were on the rise in the US.

2000’s – We start to explore beauty in a more inclusive way, adopting the word “inclusion” to open the definition of beauty forward into “acceptance” and those who are “unique” and/or internally beautiful in personality and/or good deeds. I’m glad we evolved in the right direction. Hey, beautiful (you)… define beauty. This is where you simply say out loud – “Me” of course!


 As we evolve as humans and open our minds to the wonderful creativity that God displays in all creation, we have thankfully come to realize that being beautiful inside resonates through to one’s outward appearance in many ways. How you present to the world in your attitude, beliefs and style is NOT governed by the perception of the beholder, but rather in your perception of yourself. You have the power to demonstrate beauty through your own wonderful and unique qualities and personality.

As an entrepreneur, you must often present in an aesthetically pleasing way to gain business or interact with the public. However, presenting as your authentic self while wearing the makeup, the outfit and the designer shoes is what will truly matter to your audience, buyers or clients.

Take what you need to succeed from what is offered by media and social standards. But don’t get lost in it. The world needs you exactly the way you are and no amount of makeup, designer clothes or anything superficial will make up for the beauty of genuine presence both inside and out. x

Rechelle Andrews is a career woman, skincare and makeup enthusiast. Through her encouraging words and professional tips in makeup application, she hopes to inspire you to be your most beautiful self, inside and out. To connect further, you may email her at

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